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Uganda is the destination for every adventurer's dream - the true pearl of Africa

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The sun is shining, the few clouds don't obscure the beauty of the sky, the lake water is a clear and shining blue and the weather, with a comfortable temperature, gently relaxes the mind with the loveliness of summer.

It's all in this part of the world, that, the one time great wise man Sir George Washington came to refer to as the Pearl of Africa. Many tourists have flocked for holiday and students come to volunteer at the end of their studies, not only to share their experiences but also enjoy the beauty of this beautiful country, Uganda.

Uganda is a landlocked country, covering an area of 24.139 square kilometers and lies between the Eastern and Western ridges of the Great Rift Valley in the Heart of Africa, boarded in the east by Kenya, the west by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the south by Tanzania, and the north by Sudan.The Pearl of Africa, Uganda, is a perfect destination for those who love to travel and enjoy adventure, with an amazing diversity of inhabitants and wild life. It's home to many primates, including the endangered mountain gorilla, chimpanzees, and a wonderful array of small monkeys.

The central part of the country is dominated by large tracks of rain forest, with high altitude moorlands and forests on the mountain sides. An arid savannah is found in the northern part of the country, and in contrast, marshy wetlands and lakes can be enjoyed in the central and southern, and eastern areas of the country. Volcanic soils not only provide a bounty for beast, but also for man with extensive agriculture.Among the lakes and rivers are Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Eastern Africa, and running through the country is the Nile, the second longest river in the world, stretching north to the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists can navigate these waters by raft, and enjoy the pleasures of the Bujagali Falls located at Jinja, the adventure city of east Africa.

If nature and quiet are what you are seeking, the mountains should be your destination. Bwindi offers the solitude needed for watching the wonderful wildlife, which includes birds, gorillas, and other primates.The Mugahinga Gorilla Park in the south-west, which borders Rwanda and Congo, is comprised of three distinctive volcanoes and three extensive swamps. Along with gorillas, the park supports golden monkies, elephants, leopards and forest hogs. The bird life includes twelve endemic species.

At the Murchison Falls, boat trips enable you to see crocodiles, hippos and magnificent bird life close up, with nature walks to the top of the falls. Rwenzonri Mountain, commonly referred to as the Mountain of the Moon and the Rwenzori National Park contains six snow-capped peaks, three with glaciers, excellent for mountaineering and hiking opportunities. The Queen Elizabeth National Park borders Lakes Edward and George which are connected to the Kazinga channel. In the east, Mountain Elgon, an extinct volcano and the fourth highest mountain in East Africa reaching 4321 kilometeres. The park has magnificent water falls, caves, gorges, and hot springs and is excellent for mountain hiking, nature walks, and relaxation.

These amazing locations, with their beautiful camp sites, islands, remote, purely African resorts, and with clear waters and breath taking scenery, can stand up to the most remarkable available in Europe or Africa.

You must see it to believe the true beauty of the "Pearl of Africa". When your friends see your photos, they will realize that Uganda is the destination for every adventurer's dream.

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