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The menace of suicide bombers walking into hotels and other places where people congregate has become so widespread that one must be wondering as to why people are stupid enough to even contemplating participating in such activities.

There is no doubt, and it has been proven, that the grooming of potential suicide bombers often begins years before the actual event takes place and that such grooming often take place in places of religious learning or other such establishments. It has also been proven that those enticed into being a suicide bomber are often easily led, enabling the promoting of religious fundamentalism which then becomes the driving force for participation in a suicide bombing event. Those participating in these events are often promised all sorts of things that could and often would entice the subject into becoming a so-called martyr.

The technology of 'arming' a suicide bomber is simply a case of the production of an explosives belt or a truck-load full of explosives.
For the proponents of such pro-active fundamentalism the use of suicide bombers is logical.

Bombs are fairly easy to make, a potential suicide bomber is difficult to detect though normal intelligence means and suicide bombers also take away the need for more advanced or more difficult technology such as the use of mobile phones or remote activation devices. The technology of 'arming' a suicide bomber is simply a case of the production of an explosives belt or a truck-load full of explosives and the rest is a simple case of venturing into location and setting off the device. It's not rocket-science.

While the number of events of suicide bombings appear to be rising, they mainly involve attacks that involve individual bombers with vests attached or the driving of vehicles into a target area before setting off the device and while the damage can often be substantial and lethal, the ultimate effect in terms of gaining net results is often minimal. Where such activities could eventually become a problem is if/when the weapons of choice become either nuclear, chemical or biological devices but, while not impossible, that would mean a considerable amount of fairly sophisticated technology before that could or would even take place.

As to the promises made to suicide bombers, let me enlighten anyone who might even be stupid enough to even consider participating.

When you set off your device and depart this earth as a living human being, there will be nothing left of you apart from you cluttering up a perfectly good hole in the ground. You will not be regarded as a martyr, just a fool that has been lead by the nose into such a stupid act by some half-wit with a mission.

Just consider this.

If your 'mission' is so important, why don't those wanting you to participate do it themselves? The answer is that they are not stupid enough to do it themselves.

You will hurt your family as well as hurting innocent victims of you stupid act. There will be no-one waiting for you in paradise as there is no paradise and as such, the notion of 52 gentle virgins waiting for you in paradise simply becomes a case of wishful thinking on your part. All you will become is a bag of bones in a hole in the ground, no more, no less. You will simply leave behind a lot of regrets as well as a lot of paperwork.

And on that note, I shall not engage in more enlightening thoughts.

Cheers to you, and you

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