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Well May We Say “God Save The Queen” Because Nothing Will Save Tony Blair

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Remember the war in Iraq, one of the two? Take your pick.

One was because Saddam invaded Kuwait, a country that was growing oil and not oranges while the other was because Saddam was said to have weapons of mass destruction, weapons that never were and for which former US President George W is still looking, together with his brains. In his dreams that is.

So now, after years of discussions and a former Prime Minister with blood on his hands, the UK will be now holding and inquiry.

"Oh yes please, let's have one of those".

So what will this inquiry find or shall we be more precise, what should it find?

It should find that George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard started a war knowing the intelligence reports to be false and misleading, knowing that, in international law, the war was illegal and that in overall terms, a war against Iraq could not be justified on any basis.

For the UN and ICC it is much easier to prosecute some former leader of some banana republic rather than to pursue major war crimes.
This war eventually cost thousands of lives, billions of dollars and turned the US into a rogue state, a situation that new President Obama will take years to rectify.

Add to all that the so-called extraordinary rendition process, Guantanamo Bay and the now proven US practices of illegal detention, torture and other such niceties and you get the picture of three out-of-control boneheads with a superiority complex.

As to what should happen now?

There is more than enough evidence to prosecute Bush, Blair and Howard on charges of human rights abuses, torture, waging an illegal war, breaches of the Geneva Convention as well as failing to ensure that illegal practices did not take place during their occupation of Iraq.

But will this happen?

Eventually perhaps, but because of the fact that neither the United Nations or the International Criminal Court have the balls to lay charges against these three, prosecution is unlikely. For the UN and ICC it is much easier to prosecute some former leader of some banana republic rather than to pursue major war crimes.

As for Tony Blair? His reputation as a once good British Government leader has turned into a pile of dog shit because of his Iraq adventure which will no doubt be highlighted during the upcoming inquiry.

And upon those words of wisdom, we wish.

Cheers to you.

My name is Henk Luf and
That's the way it is.

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