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Sex DOES sell

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Of course sex sells. Naturally a half-naked woman can sell anything.

We're used to sex selling to men, presumably straight men. What about the multitudes of straight women out there?

During the 1950s, American companies realized the power of consumerism. If a woman was told she needed a fancy new product to make her home perfect, it was likely that she'd buy it. These products were often advertised using examples of model homemakers using beauty and home products successfully. That's practical; the marketing scheme makes sense.

When selling beer (something that men primarily drink, or so the beer companies think), corporations tend to market to straight males. Images of the St. Pauli Girl, for example, are intended to make men interested in the product. While their interest is piqued, they might also notice the mammarian-enabled/enhanced Hooters girls hoping for a big tip while they serve up some wings.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with using sex to sell - I'm saying it works, but there's a noticeable, unaddressed gap in the system: straight women. Honestly, I would rather see Gerard Butler giving a thumbs up to some Victoria's Secret underwear on a normal looking lady than a picture of a solo model with wings.

Going back to beer, what's wrong with having men advertise beer? Perhaps I'd drink more of it if there happened to be a St. Pauli Gerard Butler.

Please, companies. Market to me. Market underwear and beer to real women! Lastly, all of those adult film companies and men in general who think that women aren't interested in X-rated films might consider something: why not make porn marketed to straight women?

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