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Election 2008: history in the making
This election will be historic in two very different ways. We are going to have either the first African American President or the first female Vice President. The second historic nature will be the reality show mentality of the two parties and the divisive nature of the American on

Obamaís Success: The Philadelphia Difference
Whether Americans love Democratic nominee Barack Obama or simply want to see him fail, most of them are surprised at Obama's steady and continuous popularity in the on

Donít ask me who to vote for
This is the most important election of my generation. And I donít care who you vote for. Just vote!read on

The US election: An Economy of males?
When an American opens the newspaper they are guaranteed to read about one of two things; the US election or the US recession but what about the two together?read on

Which U.S. Presidential Candidate is Best for the Environment?
Both U.S. presidential candidates say they are environmentalists. Does John McCain have the best plan and congressional track-record to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.? Or is Barack Obama the better environmentalist?read on

Election funds: where does it all go, win or lose?
Has anyone wondered along with me, when politicians run for office that are already in office, such as Senator Obama and Senator McCain, who is doing their job while they are on the Champaign trail?read on

Why Can't American's elect a President with Good Judgement
Candidates for President are selected by using influence and money. It is a pity the US does not elect on merit. That is, the best man for the on

The Agnostic Pulpit: Voting for the Wives
One sharp contrast today in the American election is that between the candidatesí wives. Every day we see television shots of both McCain and Obama giving speeches at rallies all around the on

Independents Are The BIGGEST Idiots
How can you NOT know who you are going to vote for in this election? Are you frigginí KIDDING ME?!?!?!? I donít know that there has ever been two candidates, so far apart on the on

Casting Votes - Hollywood and the Presidential Election
How important the star system is as a useful campaign tool to get their respective candidates into the White House, come the election on November on

If Voting Made A Difference, It Would Be Illegal
If I wanted to lose and let the other side take their turn dealing with the biggest mess since Ishtar, I would nominate a guy who looks like he's about to die and compliment him with a running mate whose portfolio is skinnier then your average Junior Statesmen of on

Have You Ever Seen a One Eyed Woman Cry?
The government of the United States has become like a one eyed woman with a bad attitude, who carries a 357 Magnum. I know these things because I have lived in the United States and I dated a one eyed on

7 reasons why the GOP has already lost This Election
Why will the GOP Lose This Presidential (and several senatorial) Election in 2008? Seven reasons. All pretty on

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