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IMing Sweetstud says...
  Sweetstud says:                 Hello!! J   Sweetstud says:             Anybody home? Come out, come out wherever you are  ;)   Sweetstud says:      ... continue reading
A New Trend?
  Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are pass now. Yes, shes still gorgeous. Yes, hes still just too damn cute. Yes, theyre still together, even after all the hoopla and the bets on how many weeks (or hours) they would last.   Demi is widening a trend, started by Cher, Susan Sarandon, Joan Collins Mrs Robins... continue reading
What is a Disability?
 I have a friend.   No, its not really me pretending. This is an actual friend who has an actual problem that I want to talk to you about. This friend had some serious health issues a while back -- a rather large stroke when she was very young, leading to epilepsy. Still, she made it through the rest of high... continue reading
Haiti Today...And Where Are the Children?
Since February and the downfall of Aristide $500 million worth of damage has occurred and over 100 Haitians have died (1). President Bush turned hundreds of Haitian refugees away, forcefully returning them to Haiti (in glaring infringement of international humanitarian law).   Haiti is the poorest country in th... continue reading
Very Fit or Very Fat in Western Society?
In 1600s, Rubens beauty was plump and provocative. In the 1700s, the
wasp waist was (tucked) in. In the 1800s, Romanticism brought out the
soft curves in a womans physique. In the 1900s, the hourglass corset
with bustle was the mainstay of the female figure. In the 1920s, the
flapper was born: waif-like and bobbed-... continue reading
March for Women's Lives
    When I left, they were talking about the biggest march in history. Taking tally, they were talking about 1 million people. The news wasnt saying; Im sure that theyll have a much lower figure before the day is out.   Still, the Womens March was incredible. Even my six year old daughter, who I dragged... continue reading
The Meaning Behind the Message
I was talking to two friends of mine after a hard day in the park of running around frantically after our under-seven kids. Our children were finally locked in our individual cars, dirty and exhausted, and we were sitting down on the curb relaxing for a brief moment before we had to wind up again for the ride home.Yes... continue reading
Kissing Or Marrying Cousins?
True story: my mother has friends that, by osmosis, are my friends also, who are kissing cousins. No, theyre not stereotypical American hillbillies or poor white trash or Dixie good ol backward wife-beating two-dimensional lower-class sharecroppers". Theyre the most intelligent and sweetest couple you ever want to mee... continue reading
Career or Children -- Decide!
Okay. Im going to be the bad guy here (saying bad girl just doesnt have the right ring to it). I admit, I gave into the propaganda that I could have it all: I could have my two point five children, an exciting career, a steamy night life and even sleep every once in a while. You know: I can bring home the bacon, ... continue reading
Bush Opposes Same Sex Marriage
The debate escalated when the Supreme Courts made more decisions in February. Another state Massachusetts ruled that same-sex couples have full marriage rights. Texas banned anti-sodomy laws, reversing the ruling from seventeen ago when homosexuals (and any other couple) took part in deviant sex. San Fran... continue reading
Finding a Date...
After my breakup, I decided to forgo all men. After all, I already had a child. In other words: been there, done that. I was happy being simply single.   But after a while, with my daughter now tucked away in school or off playing with her friends, I felt lonely. I had been off the market ... continue reading
Why Diet?
Most everybody gains some weight during the wintertime. C'mon you're allowed a touch. After all, you only have to look at your dog or cat to know that Mother Nature expects you to expand a little bit in the winter. But everybody also realizes that spring is just a few weeks away and the clothes are coming o... continue reading
What Do We Call Ourselves?
In 1970, along with hundreds and thousands others I was born into a mixed race family. Despite my parents efforts to give me a liberal upbringing and raise me to believe there was no difference between black or white, or the numerous shades in between, and despite the fact that in the 1990 Census report, 6.8 mil... continue reading


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