Most everybody gains some weight during the wintertime. C'mon you're allowed a touch. After all, you only have to look at your dog or cat to know that Mother Nature expects you to expand a little bit in the winter. But everybody also realizes that spring is just a few weeks away and the clothes are coming off sooner rather than later. A lot of people are running around scared this time literally and figuratively. The gyms are filling up, there are a slew of people jogging at all hours of the day and night, and work-out DVD's are in demand. But more than that, everybody is also trying weight-loss diets.

The whole idea of weight-loss dieting is obsessive. Much of our waking days are filled with not-eating (and thinking about not eating), fretting while others eat, and daydreaming about food. Our society today lives and breathes food. On TV, the advertisements are half fast food and candy (of course, the other half is toys which is worse, I don't know). When we go out to relax, invariably, we pick a restaurant or pub in which to relax. The list goes on.


Yet, most people are very knowledgeable about the basic forms of food: healthy foods vs. unhealthy foods (i.e., fast foods and candy, for starters). But it seems that more and more people are giving up and relying on experts to tell them what to eat and when to eat it. People are spending more and more money on specialized diets.


Join Jenny Craig! Join Atkins! Join South Beach Diet (the newest Atkins)! Join the Zone! Personalize your diet menu, the advertisements say. High protein vs. no-fat; pre-packaged foods vs. raw foods; organic, pills, herbs, powders, and so on. Of course, the newest fad is e-diets. You dont even have to get off your hindquarters to sign in and get your own personalized diet, made just for you, wrapped up with a ribbon. Money? Well, that's a piddling detail, month to month. A money back guarantee? You're kidding, right? So why aren't they working? Two thirds of America is overweight. The rest of the world is heading in that direction as well. The statistics prove now that half the world is overweight. So I'm going to write my own weight loss diet. Ready?


1. If you have a problem with weight well, then, eat less. Period.

2. Check the contents of your food while in the grocery store. If the sugar is in the top three, don't buy it (no, not even for your kids).

3. When you're full, stop eating. No doctor or nutritionist or e-diet website has to tell you that overeating is a bad idea while trying to lose weight.

Of course, it's a proven fact that if you diet just to lose the weight, more often than not, you're going to binge as well, which leads to my fourth and final decree:

4. Eat sensibly from now on.


Honestly as a world, we're pretty savvy about food. What we don't know, we'll go on-line to find out quickly. So take initiative! Be proactive! Think about what you're eating when you eat it. In other words, actually change your eating style to healthy. The weight will come off. But don't be fixated: there are other things on your plate

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