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A New Trend?

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are pass now. Yes, shes still gorgeous. Yes, hes still just too damn cute. Yes, theyre still together, even after all the hoopla and the bets on how many weeks (or hours) they would last.


Demi is widening a trend, started by Cher, Susan Sarandon, Joan Collins Mrs Robinson? Catherine the Great?


But are people like you and I making the change? And why? Lets look at the statistics


            Never married or divorced women in the U.S. are slowly being more and more accepted. In fact, 60% of singles aged 40-69 are women.(1) Single women over 40 are not old maids anymore, but emancipated feminists. More significantly, Never married and divorced men and women now make up a larger share of the population than they did in 1970 while the proportion currently married has declined.(2)  In the U.S., the idea of not getting married or staying divorced is slowly being standardized, especially among the older crowd. (3)


            Women are a strong force in the economy now; they can hold their own without a mans assistance most of the time. The average annual income for a woman is $29,215 but the work-life earnings for a professional woman is $2.9 million (4) or approximately $39,000(5) annually.


            Life expectancy continues to rise, especially among women: on the average, women can expect to live 80 years. In men, the average is seven years less (6).  


            Last but definitely not least, people in general are finding it necessary to exercise and women especially, are finding it more and more acceptable to alter their bodies through plastic surgery. Since 1997 [1997-2002], there has been a 293 percent increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures (7) People age 35-50 got the most done. Women of all ages got 87% of the total.(8)


In other words, women are feeling more confident about their bodies, more self-assured about their finances and less concerned about marriage. In other words, women are starting to relax about pigeonholes:  theyre dating different religions, different races, different social classes and, yes, different ages.


In fact, statistics come up with overall almost to a third of women, ages 40 to 69, have dated or are dating younger men. Obviously, men are finding it easier to date up as well. After all, men dating and marrying down has been going on since time out of mind. Everyone tolerates the man coming in to the party with a girl 10, 20 even 30 years his junior (okay, Anna Nicole Smith was kinda pushing it). Its really not even gossip. Hopefully, the opposite will be true very soon.






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