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Kathleen's Kookery
Hi all, and I apologize for my absence last week. There was no good
reason. I was just a little tired and was hoping that some of you might
be kind enough to pitch in and send me some good recipes. Please send
me some recipes. Please????Okay, this week's is going to be for
all of you living down under. Its nice, wa... continue reading
My New Life as a Journalist
I've spoken to therapists, victims of poor health care, lawyers and
police spokesmen, public employees and politicians, and a vast number
of people who have something they want to share with the rest of the
world. Through me.I like being a conduit for information. I got
to interview by e-mail Dr. Sean Bush and ask ... continue reading
Cheers, Ms. Coleman!
In an article in the daily Irish Independent, Miriam Lord reported that the White House of the United States of America had complained regarding an interview Mr. Bush did with RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann) journalist, Carole Coleman.Ms. Coleman, several times in attempts to keep Mr. Bush on the topic and away from his se... continue reading
"May I finish?"
George Bush was interviewed by the Irish Press, who he found so pushy and disrespectful that the Irish Consulate in Washington D.C. actually received a complaint from the White House.  All I can say is - it's about time someone in the international press pushed this man against the wall! From the The Lib... continue reading
Kathleen's Kookery
I took over this recipe from my mother-in-law, who passed away nine
years ago. She made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner, and it
was always the high point of the meal for me. You can use
either yams or sweet potatoes, but I like it with yams. Basting the
dish is most important, as it spreads the sweetness... continue reading
American Bull Riding
Even though I spent a good amount of my childhood in Texas, I've never
been interested in the sports that are practiced in the American Rodeo.
I've known these insane people who liked that sort of thing
were. And I've known people who actually did it. But I have had enough
trouble staying on a horse, let alone try ... continue reading
Intersex Issues - An Interview with Betsy Driver
Betsy Driver is an intersex adult, who has been kind enough to share her story and her thoughts with us. She is also the co-founder of an organization called "Bodies Like Ours" that provides information and support to other intersex persons and their families.I would like to urge all of my readers to visit their site a... continue reading
Kathleen's Kookery
If there is one thing that is near and dear to my heart - and my waist
line, Im sorry to say - its cooking. I can cook almost anything. And a
lot of it, I unfortunately cook without a recipe. Its a hold
over from my days of studying chemistry - my lab partner and I had a
rule: If a little bit is good, a shit load w... continue reading
The Snake Doctor - Sean Bush
Dr. Sean Bush is not only a highly qualified emergency physician but is also considered a leading expert on snakes and the treatment of snake bites. He and Loma Linda University Medical Center are featured in the Animal Planet show, Venom ER. More information about the show schedule can be found at continue reading
Vacation Spot: Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California
 Just 26 miles off the coast of Southern California sits a lovely little island called Santa Catalina, an island that offers a variety of activities. Although this was my second stay on the island, it was the first time with my husband and my three children. I already knew the most important things - how to get th... continue reading
The World Wide Pyramid Scheme
A pyramid scheme is one where a person contributes a certain amount of goods or monies into a fund, in the expectation of getting more money from the contribution of the people who follow them in contributing. In other words, I put in $100. Five other people put in $100, and. I get $500 from their contributions. Each ... continue reading
War Crimes in Iraq
In January of this year, the government of the United States of America admitted they were aware of problems in the detention center, Abu Ghraid, in Iraq. Remarkably, very little was said about this in the press, in a country where the press is willing and able to slam the government on abuses of power. Then in April, ... continue reading
 When he woke, tiny fingers of light were just beginning to wander through the curtains. These fingers moved playfully... teasingly? across the room, shifting, disappearing and jumping back into the room as the leaves of the trees outside of the window danced in the gentle morning breeze. He looked at the lights,... continue reading
The Super Volcano
The eruption of a super volcano would plunge the Earth into an ecological nightmare that is almost past understanding.I have to admit something right off the bat. I love natural disasters. Dont get me wrong - I dont love them for the numbers of humans who are killed, homes and businesses lost, or other animals and plan... continue reading
An American Fairy Tale
Once upon a time, there was a young woman living in America. She was born in a small town, and always dreamed of moving to the big city after she finished high-school. After working hard, earning good grades, and saving the money she earned working after school and weekends, she was finally able to realize her dream. S... continue reading
Male & Female - and Inbetween
Michael DeMarco, MS, is a psycotherapist who works with those whose gender isn't always as clear cut as it is for many of us. Some of his clients are born with the genitals of both sexes, to differing degrees, and some are born with the genitals of one sex, but feel like they have been assigned the wrong sexual organs.... continue reading
Why Do They Hate Us?
 I dont presume to know why the United States of America is hated, but I think I have a few clues. There are no quick fixes, there is no rhetoric that will bring understanding. There is no hand of friendship, man to man, that can be offered that can repair the damage.Lets start with the first most interesting exam... continue reading
An Audiophile in Exile
An audiophile is an individual who loves recorded sound. Not just any
recorded sound. Recorded sound that doesn't sound recorded. Sound so
clean, so perfect, that you could close your eyes and think you were
right there with an orchestra or a rock band in the room with you.
Sound so perfect that you can tell where... continue reading
Electroconvulsive Therapy - Part 2
This is the experiences of a woman who has had ECT and has contributed to the information available for other patients facing the same decisions.

Julie Lawrence is a woman who has experienced electroconvulsive therapy. Because of her experiences, she has a website that can help patients make an informed decision abo... continue reading
Haggard Like Never Before
Merle Haggard releases a wonderful new CD, that stands on its own as a standard for the Country & Western industry.I
was raised on Country & Western music. And classical. But until I
was a teen, thats just about all I heard. If it wasnt Beethoven or
Bach, it was Johnny Cash or Charlie Pride or Merle Haggard.... continue reading
Electroconvulsive Therapy - Part 1
Electroconvulsive Therapy was first used on humans in 1938. It has been often seen as a brutal, tortuous procedure used on the mentally ill. In many countries, its use is not only trivialized by psychiatrists, but it is sometimes used on unwilling patients. Often, patients are not told of all the possible side effects ... continue reading
The Age of Discovery - Is It Over?
At the turn of the last century, the world was in an upheaval, socially and scientifically. Einsteins Theory of Relativity was just being introduced to not only the scientific community, but also to the world at large. Sigmund Freud was rocking the world with his views on psychiatry and society. The accomplishments of ... continue reading
The Scales of Justice: Weighted With Money Instead of the Truth?
A man has been accused of murder.  He has an extensive criminal record and a diagnosis of a potentially dangerous mental condition.  He was placed in the neighborhood of the murder, on the night of the murder. He was found with the victims blood on his shirt.  And the City of Esco... continue reading
Neurontin: Cure or Con?
The drug Neurontin was placed on the market 8 years ago. According to the information approved by the USFDA, it is to be used for only two uses: as an adjunct drug for the control of epilepsy and for the control of Postherpetic Neuralgia. That means it should only be promoted for use for the control of epilepsy if anot... continue reading
Ask Kathleen
Dear Kathleen:The elections here in the US are coming up and I just dont know what to do this time. I voted for Gore last time - for all the good it did, but now I have real doubts about Kerry. I think Bush has done a fairly good job, but there are so many claims that he didnt fulfill his military obligation, ... continue reading
Ask Kathleen
Every once in awhile, we turn to a friend for advice. Should I dump my boyfriend? Should I marry this girl? My friend takes drugs - what should I do? Are rock concerts the work of the devil? Ask any question and I'll give it my best shot. Just e-mail me at: continue reading
What is autoimmune disease
Our immune systems are geared to fight invading organisms that could otherwise harm us. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are often dealt with in short order. Many organisms that could make us ill are destroyed by our immune systems before we even know they are attacking us.

But for a growing number of us, our immune ... continue reading
Our Diet Culture
Our health is getting worse and worse with chronic, incurable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and others too numerous to list. Many of these diseases are directly linked to what we are eating and drinking. And then, when we are feeling ill, the scale tips a little higher t... continue reading

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