I've spoken to therapists, victims of poor health care, lawyers and
police spokesmen, public employees and politicians, and a vast number
of people who have something they want to share with the rest of the
world. Through me.

I like being a conduit for information. I got
to interview by e-mail Dr. Sean Bush and ask him a bunch of questions
about snakes. Not only is he a babe, but he has his own TV show on
Animal Planet and hes an incredibly intelligent person. He ended all of
his e-mails "Sean," not "Dr. Bush." I liked that. I enjoy doctors who
dont insist that their degree and training make them above the rest of
us. Not counting the fact that Im more than 10 years older than the
little punk. But he is a total babe. With long hair and a cool sports
car. A total babe.

I didn't get to interview Merle Haggard, but
his LA rep (thats Los Angeles representative, to those not "in the
know") sent me his latest CD to give a spin and review. I really
contacted her to interview Eddie Izzard, but he was busy, and anyone
can spin a CD. Im still hoping that the Eddie Izzard thing works out. I
like his vocabulary. And his occasional choice of eyeshadow.

had the experience of trying to bring issues that arent in the
mainstream at least to the web stream. Intersex and ambiguous
genitalia. Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy and brain damage. Bull
riding in the United States, which, by the way, has nothing to do with
the disgusting custom of slowly killing a bull in an arena that is
practiced in many Latin countries. Bull riding here is when a special
rope is put around a bull that would rather stomp you than look at you,
and you hang on to it with only your hand holding onto it. You have to
stay on for 8 seconds. Doesnt sound like much until youre on the back
of that son of a bitch. And then, when you come off the bull, who
outweighs you by hundreds of pounds, you have seconds to get out of his
way, and even despite your best efforts, you might get gored, kicked,
stomped on, or otherwise abused. The life of a rodeo cowboy isnt if
youre going to get hurt ... its when youre going to get hurt. Poor
bull, my ass. He gets to have all the fun!!

I get to write
articles about things I think are important. Like the crap happening in
Iraq - that really disgusts me. And a friend of my husbands has taught
me to keep an eye on the transcripts of interviews available at the US
White House site. Man, if Carole Coleman had interrupted Mr. Bush one
more time, Im pretty sure his head would have exploded. Of course, he
fills his interviews with bullshit (another benefit of working for The
Cheers! - I can use any language I want) because he certainly cant tell
the truth! That could put him up for war crimes in one of those
northern countries that he couldnt name, let alone find on a map!!

one thing I really wish I could get is more comments from the readers.
I'm pretty much assuming that some of you are reading what I write. I
would love to hear from you. Or, just give me a beer or two! Im good
with either. But let me know youre out there. Oh, and you can tell me
about what youd like to know about. Or, if youre someone who has
something to say, let me know. Maybe we can let you say it.

Well, I guess I better get off to the cooking column. Thanks for reading!