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Faugheen Looks Set For Another Cheltenham Crown
Faugheen made a winning return to action following a lengthy lay-off, proving that the Irish horse will be a tough competitor to overhaul at Cheltenham Festival. The Bay Gelding was in the middle of an imperious run of form when he won the Champion Hurdle with a fine run at Cheltenham in 2015. Willie Mullins' charge ha... continue reading
3 Types of Smartphone Games Not Going Away
The Android app store has 2.8 million apps. The iPhone app store is filled with 2.2 million apps. Approximately. Many of those apps are incredibly useful. Note taking apps have made people's lives easier. iPhone VPNs have made us safer by hiding our locations (which are at risk due to all the other apps!). Maps help us... continue reading
Amazing Tales of Visually Impaired People who Have Conquered the World
"When there is a will, there is a way", goes the popular saying - and there is nothing that exemplifies more the strength of human will than the amazing feats of people with disabilities. From Homer (the blind ancient Greek bard and alleged author of the renowned epic poems Odyssey and Iliad) to Paralympic athletes and... continue reading
Definitly Red Out For Grand National Redemption
Definitly Red was one of the major disappointments at the 2017 Grand National as the Irish horse pulled up at the ninth fence of the race. The eight-year-old was considered one of the leading contenders for the crown, but he failed to rise to the occasion, ending his campaign on the lowest of notes.

The Chestnut Gel... continue reading
A Preview Of The Spanish Grand Prix 2018
The 2017 Spanish grand prix Formula 1 race is gone, and we are looking forward to the 2018 tour. The Spanish Gp is one of the most significant races in the tour. The first race happened here in September 1991, two weeks after it was inaugurated. In the modern era, the race has focused mostly around the Catalunya circui... continue reading
Golf Fashion Trends in 2017
Looking good on the golf course is one of the indispensable aspects of an enjoyable play. The course is the place where we are exposed, and so we always want to look our best. While golf fashion has its own rules, it still can have major influence from the mainstream fashion brands. Plus, there are also extravagant pla... continue reading
Characteristics of a Great Golfer
Believing in themselves and being able to focus and commit to winning are some of the traits that successful golfers need to have. However, there are other attributes that one needs to have in order to make it as a professional golfer.

Attributes of a good golf player

An expert golfer has to possess s... continue reading
How To Bet On Horse Racing And Win
The Cheltenham racing festival is currently ongoing in the UK, and many people will like to enjoy what it has to offer. The truth about the matter is that many of the other sports activities started as a way of relaxing and seeking for fun. They were later monetized and possibly wagered on. Horse racing seems to be a g... continue reading
Maria Sharapova denies drug cheating
On January 26, 2016 Maria Sharapova failed a drug test, something she revealed two months later. After testing positive for Meldonium, on June 8, 2016, she was suspended from competing in tennis for two years (later the suspension was reduced to 15 months).

The substance she was accused of taking was meldonium, a s... continue reading
History of the Goodwood Estate
The Goodwood Estate has been around since the 1600's when the Goodwood House was built. The estate is now home to the famous Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, and Glorious Goodwood festivals. Racing fans can see the latest horse racing odds and pick winners at these festivals. In this article, we look back at the hi... continue reading
Mayweather Vs McGregor - A Knockout?
Mayweather vs McGregor should go down as one of the most historic fights ever as veteran boxer Floyd Mayweather takes on UFC star Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

There has been a lot of trash talk in the build up to the fight, which takes places in the early hours of the morning of the 27th August GMT and the two stars... continue reading
The Biggest Revelations in Cycling History
Consider yourself cycling savvy? Yeah you might have all the gear and know how to take your bike apart and put it back together again - but how much do you know about its history? You might not have known this, but the humble bicycle celebrates its 200th birthday this year.

To help celebrate 200 years of the bike, ... continue reading
O.J. Simpson to be released from prison October 1, 2017
O.J. Simpson has just been granted parole, he's set to be released on October 1.

He was convicted in 2008 for an armed robbery and sent to jail for 33 years. After serving the minimum nine years of his sentence, he will be released for good behaviour, lack of prior conviction as well as low risk of committing anothe... continue reading
What Do All Those Referees Actually Do?
You might think yourself football savvy - after all, you spend so much time explaining the offside trap to others that you may as well teach the rules of the game professionally, right? Well if we asked you to describe the role of each of the four officials that officiate the game, it's probably safe to say you might s... continue reading
Premier League: the summer market
If you are a fan of some Premier League teams, the news about the summer market are always welcome. So, what are the latest movements on the English market?
The Premier League market is very active in the last period and this is because the teams, especially the most important ones, are thinking about the next champio... continue reading
Biggest wins in sports betting
There are many similarities that exist between actually playing sports and betting on sports. The importance of luck can't be disputed but skill is what is required for the ultimate achievement of consistent wins. The betting world has super stars too, these are individuals who were quite lucky. However, most of the bi... continue reading
What is hot in the sports world in 2017?
With temperatures rising across the world, summer is well under way. But what is going on in the world of sports and what sporting events should you clear your diary for in 2017? No matter what your poison is or where you are, there is a whole host of fun, exciting, and nail-biting events for you to get involved with t... continue reading
Sleep: Serena's secret weapon
For all-star athlete Serena Williams, sleep is an important part of her training program.

Any athlete will tell you that what you do off court is as important as what you do on it. They must eat and drink properly, train regularly, and many practice meditation to gain better control of their ability to focus and dir... continue reading
The history of changes in F1 rules and regulations
The rules that have been used to govern Formula One racing have changed drastically over the years. The rules and regulations of the sport are often dictated by the main governing body, FIA. The main reasons behind the various F1 changes in rules are often associated with safety implementation. Over the decades, the FI... continue reading
Rising Football Stars Under The Age of 20
Football fans can expect good things from the crop of youngsters who seem to be taking the football game by storm. The boys showcase pure and raw talent as they wait to break through top clubs all over the globe. Some of the next generation stars across the continent yet to hit 20 include:

Gianluigi Donnarumma, 18 (... continue reading
Introduction to horse racing
Horse racing is a very old and popular sport. According to several historical records, horse racing has been there since the beginning of time (if your world is just a few thousand years old, that is). It used to be very popular in Babylon and Greece. It was also a part of the 648 BC Olympics which was held in Greece. ... continue reading
Football? Transfers? Gossip?
When the transfer window for football clubs opens there are always a lot of rumors flying around. And this summer isn't anything different.

Real Madrid forward Alvaro Morata - there's a rumor he might possibly be transferred to English giants Manchester United. It is said that Manchester United has made a 60 millio... continue reading
What happened in football scene last week?
Here's some football gossip for you from last week. Just in case you missed it on the rumor mill, we are here to package it for you in the best way possible.

Is Alexis Sanchez shifting base to Germany? There are rumors flying around. However, Uli Hoeness, the president of Bayern has chosen to dampen the fire by play... continue reading

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