Believing in themselves and being able to focus and commit to winning are some of the traits that successful golfers need to have. However, there are other attributes that one needs to have in order to make it as a professional golfer.

Attributes of a good golf player

An expert golfer has to possess some level of confidence which will allow him to take some very challenging golf courses under high pressure. Winning golf players have a way of turning this trait into the best level of cockiness to turn a capability into glory.

Actually, the better the golf player the cockier he is, and at times, the more arrogant he can be both in and out of golf game. This is a special attribute that a successful golfer must possess if he wants to do well at the loneliest of stages and at the brightest lights.
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Short term memory loss
Even the highly talented golf player can roll into a hazard. The main difference between an excellent golfer and that other golfer who falls short of that distinction is the ability to forget and go on from a terrible shot after it happens.

From the beginning to the end, an expert golf player career is a steady procession of the following shot. Although they differ in degrees of pressure and difficulty as seen in, the next game is often the most crucial one and it often follows an unexpected break.

A single focus
So many things go on at the golf tournaments and they can distract the golf player. It is the player's duty to ensure that he focuses on the strategy at hand in order to succeed. In fact, more than all other athletes, golfers need a unique ability to focus only on shot on hand. This focus is useful especially to those who play in front of large audiences.

Creative mind
Golfers these days can hit the ball further than in the past. This implies that the ability to see and pull off shots is a significant premium unlike in the past. Being able to determine an escape path from a prison is a remarkable trait that golfers need to succeed in the game.

A competitive burning fire
For some golfers, it is the fear of getting defeated and for others; it is the obsession to stand out. Whatever the motivation is, every successful player has a fire of winning which can never be put off. This is a special trait in the best golfers who have ever existed. This can be seen from the likes of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. It is something that lives in them and bursts out at the most intense moment of the game.

Those are the characteristic of a good golf player. The bottom line however is, some victory comes as a result of playing well but for the most elite, it is just the acceptable outcome.