The Goodwood Estate has been around since the 1600's when the Goodwood House was built. The estate is now home to the famous Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, and Glorious Goodwood festivals. Racing fans can see the latest horse racing odds and pick winners at these festivals. In this article, we look back at the history of the estate and see how it became one of the famous sporting estates in the world.

Despite the Goodwood Estate now being known for its sporting heritage, it took over one hundred years for the first sporting venue to be built. Before then the main attraction of the estate was Goodwood House. As mentioned earlier, Goodwood House was built in the early 1600s, but it wasn't until the 1st Duke of Richmond brought the house in 1697 where the Goodwood Estate 'legacy' got underway. The house was brought by the 1st Duke to enjoy the countryside and use as his hunting lodge. Although the 2nd Duke was a fan of cricket and hunting, he primarily focused on the house rather than the estate.

It wasn't until the 3rd Duke of Richmond inherited the house when the Goodwood Estate started expanding by planning and installing sporting facilities. Although he took over the house at the age of 15, his decisions to install certain facilities during his 71 years at the estate left a long-lasting legacy. In 1757, he commissioned the design and construction of stable blocks. In 1787, he commissioned the design and construction of the Kennels to convert it into a golf club house. The Duke also commissioned Goodwood Estate which was established in 1802.

Obviously, the Goodwood Racecourse is the most widely recognised facility of the Goodwood Estate. Although it is now home to some of the largest sporting events, the racecourse was originally used for the officers of the Sussex Militia. They originally held their races at Petworth Park before their invitation was withdrawn in 1801. The invitation to the racecourse at Goodwood Estate allowed the officers to race, and put the racecourse to use. Over the next 200 years, more events started being held at the racecourse and is now host of multiple horse racing festivals such as Glorious Goodwood.

However, it's not just the racecourse which has become part of the Goodwood Estate over the years. The Goodwood Golf Course was laid in 1901 and is now another star attraction of the Goodwood Estate. Although there are now two golf courses at the estate, The Park Course and The Downs Course, which guests can enjoy.

Since then, there have been numerous expansions and renovations to the estate to make it an attractive location to everyone. The Goodwood Circuit was laid out in 1948 which hosts the annual Goodwood Revival motorsport competition. Other additions such as the Hound Lodge, Home Farm, Aerodrome and the Goodwood Hotel have all been added in an attempt to make it a fantastic destination for sporting enthusiasts or anyone looking for a weekend away.

Even if visitors are not a fan of horse racing, there are still plenty of activities and places for guests to visit or try out at the estate. Both the Downs Course and the Park Course remain very popular to visitors of the Goodwood Estate. For those visitors just looking for a weekend away, they can also visit the Goodwood Hotel. Overall the history of Goodwood has led to an estate which is enjoyable to anyone who visits.