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Things wrong with Trump's Chelsea tweet
Ivanka Trump was keeping her father's seat at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on Sunday. Some people felt that the move was inappropriate. Whether it was or not, could be called a matter of taste, I guess. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was perfectly normal. Trump himself said that "When I left Conference R... continue reading
Stephen Hawking: Trump could turn our planet into Venus
Physicist Stephen Hawking said in an interview with BBC on Sunday that i"We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees, and raining sulphuric acid." (you can also check DNA's non-sc... continue reading
Government scientists go rogue, in a good way
Interior Department staffers were ordered to stop using Twitter last week. The order came in after one worker posted something that Trump didn't like - a word about the attendance to his inaugural attendance, which, according to his version (not to his alternative facts - there's no such thing, fyi), the attendance was... continue reading
Trump's beautiful, great, wall, and a few facts
Trump has promised to build a beatiful, great, impenetrable wall, for which he has promised Mexico will be paying. And lately he has been talking more about it again.

He has said the time and again that the wall will be tall and beautiful. But how tall and beautiful can the 1900 long wall be? Or actually it won't b... continue reading
Syria peace talks set to begin in Astana, Kazakhstan
Peace talks over Syrian conflict with rebel leadership will continue in Astana, Kazakhstan. These peace talks are brokered by Iran and Russia backing the Syrian government. ISIS and Jihadists are excluded from the talks.

The new round of talks comes after the unlikely partners, Russia and Turkey have joined forces t... continue reading
Pope Francis warns about Trump
Pope Francis warned about the rise of populism, a statement that can be easily linked to one man - the newly inaugurated president Trump. Even though he did say that we should not yet judget the newly elected leader becuase it's too early to do so. As many other ordinary people, he said "we'll see what Trump does".

... continue reading
Trump attacks media; claims his inauguration crowd was big
During his first day in office Trump decided to bash the media for deliberately underreporting the size of his inauguration crowd. According to him it was way, way bigger than reported. Based on Trump facts there were around 1.5 million people at his inauguration, the Trump claim that photographs can easily dissaprove.... continue reading
Women's marches attract more than one million people
On Jan 21, 2017, people across the world rallied at women's marches. The biggest one being in Washington, the capital on the Unites States, after Donald Trump's first steps as a president.

According to city officials, the rally in Washington attracted roughly half a million people who were chanting "Welcome to your... continue reading
Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit on Tuesday
Mark Zuckerberg, known for his mainly casual attire, wore a suit yesterday. He shocked the public when we attended court to defend Oculus in court.

Instead of his usual gray t-shirt, the Facebook CEO had a jacket and even a tie to prove in court that his technology in Oculus wasn't stolen, as accused by ZeniMax Med... continue reading
D.B.Cooper case solved?
D.B.Cooper's case has been of interest to the world for decades now. During the 45 years since the Skyjacker got away, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of good suspects, but so far noone has been convicted of the robbery. Even moreso, for a long time many people involved with the case believed the rob... continue reading
10 things to consider when Christmas shopping
There are many things to keep in mind when Christmas shopping for family and friends. Shopping can be challenging, but there are a few things that you can do to keep the stress to a minimum and make the gift buying process a little easier.

Here 10 things to consider when Christmas shopping.
1. Look For Sal... continue reading
Netflix new series - 3% - time to lay back for some Brazilian Sci/fi
Netflix has launched a new tv series called 3%. It's a series-version of the 2011 movie with the same name. The premise is simple, yet quite good/original - the action takes places in a world which is divided into two different parts, the Inland, and the Offshore. The title comes from the fact that only 3% of the peopl... continue reading
Good casual dating
Casual dating is a topic that brings with it a number of reactions both good and bad. While the darker side of things tends to grab more public attention, believe it or not there are a large number of people out there who actually prefer this way of life.
Being prepared
Yes the general idea of meeting up with... continue reading
The back story: What the situation in Ukraine is all about
The current situation in Ukraine is not a new thing. With numerous channels all over the world covering every single detail from the country, there is much to it than what just meets the eye. This has raised questions about what the Russian president may be thinking at the moment. The invasion of Crimea by Russ... continue reading
The tension between Russia and Ukraine, who is to Blame?
Trouble is brewing in Europe after efforts to find diplomatic solution to the tension between Russia and Ukraine failed. Following the recent toppling of pro-Russian Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych, many observers thought that Ukrainian citizens were well on their way to enjoying peace, stability and great ... continue reading

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