The current situation in Ukraine is not a new thing. With numerous channels all over the world covering every single detail from the country, there is much to it than what just meets the eye. This has raised questions about what the Russian president may be thinking at the moment. The invasion of Crimea by Russian troops has culminated into a world crisis. To dissect the thought process of Vladimir Putin is not one of the simple tasks. Why do you think he chose to intervene in the current situation in Ukraine?

Russia has taken some mind boggling stands that have left many wondering. What you must know is that due to the civil war, Ukraine now has new leaders. The ousted president, Victor Yanukovich flew to Russian territories. There was a deal brokered by the EU on February 21 which states that the president was to stay in office till December this year; a time when elections would have been held. Russia as a country didn't participate in the brokerage of that deal, leave alone signing it. Due to the failure of the deal marked by the bloody takeover by the new leadership, Russia has chosen not adhere to the 1994 Budapest memorandum. It strictly spell that the UK, US and Russia would work together for the safety of Ukraine. That has not taken place this time.

The coup carried out by the euromaidan leaders is said to have been caused by the ousted president. This occurred as the deal was still being discussed. On realization that majority of the members of the parliament were not on his side, the former head of state ordered troops to spray demonstrators with live ammunition. Of course you already heard of the massacre at the square. This may not be the perspective of Vlad Putin. Did you know that the city of Kiev is said to be the ancestral founder of Russia. Perhaps that's why Putin makes it clear that Ukraine is not a foreign country. Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians are historically from the same family. Perhaps that's why he chose to intervene.
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With the presidential candidate, Yulia Tymoshenko, having declared that she would eliminate the Russian black sea fleet from Sevastopol if given chance, Putin seems not to back down. The US is boasting of freezing their assets. The European Union is to hold a crisis meeting on March 6th. But Russia seems to be determined in cementing its claims to swallow its neighbors into a Russian empire. Perhaps he wanted to assume support of most Ukrainians by offering help due to event that have stretched their ways since November last year. Bad calculations have just fueled the Crimean crisis.

Number of deaths is on the rise; so many people are losing their homes as police engage citizen in protests. It all seems to have been expected. A poll done in January within the country revealed a great worry by the locals. Most of them were scared of the occurrence of the ongoing civil war. May be let's look at what may have made them to smell the war.

Background differences in Ukraine

There have been scholarly differences that are said to have been tearing this nation apart. Hot issues such as support to the EU and US, language use and even historical links to Russia may have been fueling up the possibly of a civil war saliently. These vital issues seem to have separated eastern parts from the western parts of Ukraine. Most of the euromaidan supporters come from the western parts. Though they have taken over power, winning minds of people in the eastern region is yet to happen. Most scholars believe this may not happen with their support of EU values in the region. Though the revolution has seen most of its action take place in the western parts, the effects to other parts are not doubtable. The new leadership has risen to campaign for unity through speaking Ukrainian language. A good look at the country will provide a clear picture of a nation in dilemma. There are deeply rooted divisions that make it difficult for her to join Europe or respect its relationship with Russia.

Regional diversity

This is easily detectable in Ukraine. It is pictured as the geographical foundation of the numerous warnings of war that have been dominating the region for a long time. A country with different historical backgrounds, ethnic societies and even more diverse cultures is normally more vulnerable to war. A little ignition will see everything explode in no time. For instance, Northern Ireland separated from the republic of Ireland. Currently, Scotland wants to vote out of the UK. For a person who wants to talk about regional differences, the United Kingdom provides one of the best places for study. In Ukraine the unique thing with it is the number of interested parties in the region.

The vitality of Crimea in the revolution

What makes Crimea to be a unique point of interest for Putin is the ethnicity in the region. It is the only place that has nearly a pure Russian population in Ukraine. It is at this place that you will be able to find true separatism elements. It has population of about 2 million people and there have been several cases of rumbling to cede to Russia.

With the Russian language dominating this nation's activities, it may be difficult for one who speaks Ukrainian to cope with the rest of the population. As for now, very few are willing to fight for the opposition except for the few who are believed to be paid to do so.

Finally, it may be difficult to predict how the scenario will be like in Ukraine for the next few days. If you haven't noticed, it now seems like some kind of a cold war! Earlier on, Putin managed to bring in some love and unity during his time in power. But this may not be the ideal place to try again. Not when memories of the Chechnia secession war are still fresh in most of Ukrainians minds. A formula to achieve peace in the region will require identifying the divisions keenly. It will be even better if divisions are utilized to bring a solution that caters for everyone's right. Basing on them, it will be possible to not only find a solution, but also build long lasting democracy in the region.