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Extreme adventurer and survival-expert: I can do that!
There are many types of activities available during the winter. Snowshoes, Ice climbing, Snowmobile, dog sledge, Skiing, Snowboarding and Kite boarding or glacier walks to name some of the main outdoor sports that can be done by individuals or a selected group. These sports can be done in a very controlled environment ... continue reading
Polar Triangle III, Part I
Part I of my adventures.
"Till min Vn
Jag vandar till stranden-satter mig ner
Mot snoskldda toppar et lyster jag ser
Sidenskimmer-som smeket fjallen.
P kvllenshimmeln ser jag ett rdlila band
som bryts mot hstens frger i brand,
Djupnande frger i kvallen.
I det sagolikt vackra-jag ser upp
kommer tanker i stillhe... continue reading
Extreme snowboarder Johan Olofsson!
For those of us that love to watch eXtreme snowboarding, Johan Olofsson is the definition of a madman. He spits danger in the eye and conquers insanity with his board.

[Listen, Learn and Inspire]

Name: Johan OlofssonBirth: October 27, 1976, ScorpioJob: Own company, snowboard, produce moviesStatus: SingleIntrests... continue reading
Polar Triangle (Part Two of Three)
My Dear Friend,I haven't heard much from you lately, and I
haven't written much. So I will tell you what I have been up to. I went
to the tourist office of Arjeplog. Far up in the north is Arjeplog,
rjepluovve. The name Arjeplog comes from the old Sami language "arjep"
(a lot /mycket) and "luogt" (rocks/stenigt). I... continue reading
The polar triangle
After a long-life persuit of love, luck, hunt for riches,
adventure, exciting meetings, at one point one must consider the
question: Is it all worth it, and more importantly, is it all possible?
Can one have everything? Take a journey to the pole
circle. Follow me to see trough my eyes the country that I love ... continue reading
Down the hill, into the pub!
John, among many others, have made it happen and have stayed behind the
riding and driving force of MTB. MTB Mountainbike downhill that is.
Depending on where you live, you might have a small hill or if you are
lucky a small mountain, but as you will soon find out the extreme scene
of Sweden collects in a place cal... continue reading
Shaken, Not Stirred
Vilhelmina is the second largest municipality of Sweden. It is 894 km
from Oslo, 1327 from Hamburg, 697 km from Stockholm and 647 from
Helsinki. It is also the host of the Winter Weekend in Vilhelmina. The
winter weekend draws a crowd of over 150,000 people with a rapidly
increasing rate every year. That's largely ... continue reading

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