After a long-life persuit of love, luck, hunt for riches,
adventure, exciting meetings, at one point one must consider the
question: Is it all worth it, and more importantly, is it all possible?
Can one have everything?

Take a journey to the pole
circle. Follow me to see trough my eyes the country that I love so much
and which has given me all the little things that we thrive on and
more. Although the means of transportation are many during the summer,
I got here on foot. I would suggest The "Inlandsbana" Inland railway to
see the never-dying sun. In the summer, perhaps close to midsummer from
Kristinehamn in the south to Gllivare in the north.One thousand- three-
hundred kilometers through Swedish forests, past beautiful lakes and
herds of reindeer, into beaver country, across bogs and into
picturesque small communities.

A journey on the Inland Railway is a unique getaway from the stress of
daily life, but actually it is a very inexpesive way of traveling
during the summer. It is only active during the summer, though. Swebus
is the other recommended way, but 1000 miles might hurt your rear end
somewhat. Honestly, all of us have had the experience of trying to find
the right postition to sleep on a bus or train, so here is a faster
alternative: Direct air connections from central Europe to Arvidsjaur
during the winter period.

For a couple of pounds, a friend
advised me that the real price is a 159 pounds including return from
London to Arvidsjaur with good old Skyway. Lunch is served during the
flight, but in no comparison to the reindeer or moose stew you get
served after you have taken the snow scooter upon arrival at the

Once you are there, you will find the various hills and
mountains enchanting with lots of slopes. Here is the drawback: You can
try as much as you like. There is no possible line in which to cut.
There are no waiting lines!!!

There is no one for whom to curse
or fuss at all! You go up the hill with the lift and carve your way
back to town. This is possible, because the hills are located around
the town. There is no GPS necessary. It is impossible to get lost.

you would like to know how to handle a GPS, then the K4 regiment might
be the thing for you. Swedens most modern military regiment. Here,
combat soldiers are trained in this rugged landscape. This is the only
regiment in the nation which offers public tours. Among attractions are
art collections, a collection of Lapp handicrafts and also prizes of
war, as well as uniforms. Advanced reservations are required for
foreign citizens. It does not take long to obtain permission.

slalom, snowboarding crosscountry skiing, winterfishing, snowscooter
touring, wintergolfing on snow and the obligatory dog sleighing, you
might find time for some real history. You should have a look at
Hngengrden, which is a farming estate from the 1700s. It consists of 12
buildings made from wood - no rocks!! It houses large collections of
practical objects from the early colonization of the region. Among the
attractions are the regions first school room, from the 1840s, as well
as a functioning weapons smithery. The Folklore Museum, which has a
outdoor stage, Gamla Prstgrden, just west of the municipality, displays
the local homesteaders culture from the turn of the century. Coffee,
refreshments and a retail shop for handicrafts.This is a real paradise
for souvenir hunters.

The worlds largest preserved Sami church
village in central Arvidsjaur, which feautures more than 80 Sami wooden
huts (kota) and lodgings. Reservations are required for Sami
activities, such as trips to see reindeer- calf branding. This is a
must if you think you have seen it all. This activity will take all of
your strength and endurance when you are chasing the reindeers across
the fjlls (tundra) at 2 A.M., wondering if the sun ever stops shining.
Each year on the last weekend in August, the great tribal holiday is
celebrated here in the Sami village.

kids will enjoy the vision of one Santa, who lives somewhere near the
Pole with the reindeers and his helpers. I met him. He is here!! You
can always write him and even visit. During the summer, the elves are
busy working on the presents and new escape routes for Santa since
these modern-day alarm devices are hideous and the fireplaces
trechearous. As soon as the first snow falls, he waits to see you. His
address is Santa 933 32 Arvidsjaur.

North of Moskosel, in the
village of Kbdalis, the last remnants of the Inland Railroad were
assembled together in 1936. Learn about the railway workers heroic
achievements with the Inland Railroad in this intimate little museum,
which is enclosed within the station house. There is a miniature
railway for children.

In Anna-Lisas Souvernir Shop, you can
find just about everything. The shop is open Monday through Friday,
from 10 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturdays from 10 AM to 1 PM.

3. www.laplandgiftshop.com and Johnny Nielson Knife Handicraft &
More are two of the real places to shop your tokens before heading

You will find that the Pub Old Duck Inn, Laponia Hotel,
Pub Stockis, Njdens Krog, Stalokrog make up the night life here, and if
you are not careful, you might catch yourself with a hangover after a
wonderful evening at Stalokrog. In Arvidsjaur you can choose from many
different types of accommodations, for example, hotels, holiday
villages, camping, youth hostels and private alternatives.

the question is, where are all these people in the winter? There is
certainly enough places to crash: Laponia Hotell,Hotell Edstrm,
Glmmerstrsks inn, Rooms and apartments, A-Hem, Huset Orren, Lapplugans,
Camp Gielas, Moskosel Camping,This is a very long list of hotels
considering that there is hardly anyone on the slopes. Still they are
out there, they are test driving. Yes, this area is the second-largest
winter test driving area. Since Sweden does not have many roads
available, they drive on ice. There are over 4000 lakes for that
purpose! So if you would like to know what drives, swims and glides and
what is on fancy displays up for world presentation at the Geneva Car
Show in Switzerland, you will find it here on the sparkeling diamond of
ice called Arvidsjaur. Yes it is worth it and it is posssible.