Caleb Schaber
Caleb "Shooter" Schaber worked as a DOD Contractor, embedded, un-embedded journalist and bar manager of Afghanistan's infamous Mustafa Hotel during the last four years he worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Schaber termed his writing as a war correspondent, "Ghetto Journalism," meaning he does not have web of money behind him like other journalists. Not funded by corporate media, Schaber works mostly off of donations by a community of friends and fans, uses donated equipment and more than half the time is not paid for his writing, but keeps up the work because few others cover the war from this angle. A cross between Ernie Pyle and Hunter S. Thompson, Schaber started his career as a Gonzo journalist over ten years ago in Seattle, as well as running for Mayor of Seattle in 2001 as the anti-WTO candidate. Schaber has taken a break from the war to return to Burning Man and his home in Gerlach, Nevada. Schaber's work has appeared in Hustler and Playboy magazines, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the Reno Gazette Journal and the Las Vegas Sun. More on Schaber here
Author articles
The Post Traumatic Vodka Diet
Gerlach, Nev--"I'm writing a story about how I lost 35 pounds being homeless, selling plasma for cash and drinking a fifth of vodka a day to ease my PTSD," I told my lady companion as I sipped a PBR at the Gerlach Club, one of four bars in the small town I live in.

[extract1]The last four years, I have been in and o... continue reading
The Diction of Death: Addiction
The warm sensations of heroin and cocaine injected into my vein are pleasures that some may consider dangerous. I mean, I can quit any time, and I did. But addicts forget that your body, as well as your mind gets hooked when you mainline.

In Abel Ferrara's "The Addiction," Lili Taylor plays a woman recently bitten b... continue reading
Have You Ever Seen a One Eyed Woman Cry?
GERLACH, Nev.--The government of the United States has become like a one eyed woman with a bad attitude, who carries a 357 Magnum. I know these things because I have lived in the United States and I dated a one eyed woman.

She was just bitching at me the other day that I don't spell for s*** and I give too much atte... continue reading
Inside Politics in Iraq
Creating democracy is a slow process. The government in United States was not formed over night, but the world was not watching on CNN when that occurred. Iraq has the world's attention as it struggles to embrace a democratically elected government out of the vacuum of the post-Saddam era.
A Qada is a meetin... continue reading
“Missing, Wounded or Injured—A Place for Iraqis to go for Answers and Compensation.”
            TAJI, Iraq—My husband is dead, the woman explained through an interpretor. She was covered from head to toe in black burka. Only her eyes showed through.
            Her husband killed, she said, ... continue reading
The Romanian Mission to Iraq
            CAMP DRACULA, Iraq¡ - Romanian paratroopers in 495th Infantry Battalion  patrol 200 km daily in the Dhi Qar province of Iraq. The 495th is named after "Capt. Stefan Soverth," a Romanian paratrooper who did not accept the Russia suppression of Roman... continue reading
Combat Art in Iraq

The war in Iraq conjures many images, but few people would think that fine is art is one of them. The tradition of combat art comes from the time before the camera and has been lost down a deeper well than that of black and white negatives.

Steve Mumford          ... continue reading
Iraqi Police Graduate--War still not over
I turned 34 years old a few hours before I drove down Route Irish from Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone. After spending my first sober birthday in over 10 years, I was reissued my press credentials for working with coalition forces in Iraq and eagerly awaited getting outside the wire into Iraq's more dan... continue reading

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