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Preformed Opinions
Preformed opinions often form the crux of our decision making. First impression is the last impression, we say, but this often would lead to sinister good judgements.Recently, our company recruited more than two dozen engineering graduates on probation. Their competency and skills were tested at regular intervals. Afte... continue reading
One day at the Operation Theatre
"You have to take off your T-shirt first and then put on the Green Dress. Don't put the Green Dress on the T-shirt", replied the Nurse with a you-are-so-dumb smile.I was in the Hospital to consult the doctor about the Fatty Lumps that ruled my arms since I was 18 Years old. Surprisingly(and Sadly for me), I was told to... continue reading
Clash of cultures and the formation of Indian Taboos
This article is in connection with the 31st Night Molestation Case of Female Tourists at two prominent places in India. I got a chance to catch the debate live on CNN-IBN as I reached home the other night. No! I am not going to start discussing how bad the molestation was on India's reputation or whether Indian Women a... continue reading
What would the world be like without death?
Scientifically, death is the final stage of a living organism.

Spiritually, most of our religious books talk about "life after death". However, Death is something which comes down as a shock on us, something which is unpalatable. The pain of losing your loved one and the impossibility of ever seeing your loved one a... continue reading
Leadership and its challenges
Is God good or bad? Most of us say, God is good only. If we say God is almighty then he should control Bad also. Confused?
The same is the case with leaders. We all love them when they are Good, but when they criticize us, we dont.
One of the three secrets told in the best selling “One Minute Manager” is that a leade... continue reading
The Scavengers
"I am a tamilian. No! Tamilians come from TamilNadu and not Kerala. No! Kerala and Tamil Nadu are two different states in South India. The Other two are Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. No! Idli-Sambhar isnt the only thing on our menu list(atleast not mine). No! I havent watched SIVAJI!"I dont know who vilifies us, Tamili... continue reading
When Technology was hacked by my Mom
The other day my sister in the US sent her Photos to me, my bro and my mom in Zipped Format. My mom is still a rookie, computer-wise, and doesnt know much about complex operations, unless otherwise told to follow a Step-by-step procedure. I knew she would be unable to open the Zipped Files. However when I called her up... continue reading
On a fine summer morning, when the ant captured me
On a fine summer morning I entered the First Class compartment of the train that I daily commute through to reach my office. I came in, I saw and I captured the empty slot and stood there. My eyes set out to explore the compartment. The upper racks were all gone. The racks once used to bear the weights of umpteen bags.... continue reading
Blackie - the Dog
there was a boy named Dan. He loved puppies. It was Dan's birthday the
other day. Dan asked his parents to buy him one. But his parents were
not interested.

day, Dan accompanied his Mom to the local supermarket to buy groceries
for his birthday party. It was afternoon. Dan's Mom told Dan to sit in
t... continue reading
The Unexplored Region

As Daniel sits in his room, in the ground floor of his college’s hostel, he reminisces about the past three and a half years. It seemed like he had arrived here just yesterday. As a student he used to long to be in this Final Year. But now it seemed like he wanted to stop this moment and stay here for more days.
&n... continue reading


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