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Is God good or bad? Most of us say, God is good only. If we say God is almighty then he should control Bad also. Confused?

The same is the case with leaders. We all love them when they are Good, but when they criticize us, we dont.

One of the three secrets told in the best selling "One Minute Manager" is that a leader should learn to reprimand. Being honest and reprimanding when a wrong has occurred, immediately and specifically. And please dont confuse this with BLAME.

Reprimanding will give an understanding of responsibilities and how to complete them correctly.

One more important point. It should also be understood that company matters should be kept within the company. The leader should not hate the person "personally". What he didnt like was simply their performance. The reprimand shoudl usually come with "reassurance" and both are tantamount when it comes to importance.

Mistakes are of great value and they arent worthless. This should be conveyed by the leader to them. So reassuring is equally important. If you leave the reassuring out, you will not be liked by those around you.