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Scientifically, death is the final stage of a living organism.

Spiritually, most of our religious books talk about "life after death". However, Death is something which comes down as a shock on us, something which is unpalatable. The pain of losing your loved one and the impossibility of ever seeing your loved one again isn't something we would like to EVEN think about. What "really" happens after death is an area that remains a mystery. Some might say we become Spirits while some might say landing on heaven or hell depends on the deeds of an individual.

Death is somehow connected to Time. Most of our goals and ambitions in life are time dependent, which means if it wasn't for death, we could have lived on forever and hence there is a high probability that we would have lazed around without anything to do.

Aging too is related to death and cosmetics treats it as a best seller to woo men and women who want to look young.

Science has in many ways tried to challenge the dominance of death, of course death is still dominant, but the average lifespan of a living being has risen to substantial amounts, thanks to Science.

The highest punishment for killing someone in many countries is death (Capital Punishment). This is done so as to create fear among the other killing counterparts so that they refrain from committing such crime.

Death is feared by all, even the most powerful mafia. But what makes some of us to commit suicide? To look down on death with disrespect? However brave this dishonorable act may be, suicide requires a huge amount of courage to NOT fear death from a person who has lost courage to live.

Death somehow forms the core of all the rules put down by human beings. What would the world be like without death?