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Mini-essay on negative ethnic humor
From a dialogue with a buddy on negative ethnic humor. Is some negative ethnic humor more understandable or than other negative ethnic jokes?

The whole phenomenon of ethnic humor and negative ethnic humor is a complicated one.

I could develop a long essay/analysis of negative ethnic humor and may even do so.
... continue reading
The Sports and Business success of Seymour Lipschitz Whorvitch
Dudes and Dudettes:

In my freshman, year I attended a brand new high school in Fairfax Virginia called Woodson T. High School. Irv Woodson had won the Nobel Prize for inventing the yo-yo. He forgot to get a patent and died pennyless.

The next year, 1964, interestingly, I attended another brand new school. Tho... continue reading
Lefkoslut, attorney at LARGE
Mucus Lekoslut, attorney at LARGE, weighed over 300 pounds, but claimed to have lost 50 pounds in the last month.

He said he discovered a new, most effective means of losing weight.

When he sees road kill, he stops and consumes it after putting a little barbecue sauce and pepper on it.

He would then get diarr... continue reading
American students are the beast in the world
These are actually test responses by 16 year old American high school students.

The following questions were set in last year's GED examination. These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds)............and they WILL breed. AND PROBABLY VOTE!

Q. Name the four seasons
A. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar

Q... continue reading
Vegan maniac encountered on JDate internet dating
True story: She says "I hope when you go hunting that the bullet bounces of the animal and hits you in your sorry little ass." She don't even wear leather.

I happened to mention to this blond Jewish chick on JDate that I grew up in Virginia and used to hunt for squirrels with a .22 or shotgun (killed a total of ab... continue reading
Renart cops a "nolo contendre" plea on a charge of bestiality with road kill (mostly female)
Judge: Mr. Renfart, I mean Renart, do you understand the charge agin you?
Renart: Who the fuck are you?
Judge: I'm the judge you dumb fuck!
Renart: That probably explains the robe and the coin that you are flipping.
Judge: Madam, I mean Sir.....the charge against you is bestiality with road kill. How d... continue reading
Two 8 year old learning disabled students were in my office and asked if they could play checkers while we talked. I said 'sure' and gave them a checkers set. While they were setting up the pieces I got a phone call.

In the midst of the phone conversation, I noticed that they were both staring at the board and c... continue reading
Take Sigmund Freud…Please!
On a recent trip to Israel, I was browsing in the Sigmund Freud Library on the Hebrew University campus in Jerusalem. I came across some interesting documents and journal articles which reveal new information about the development of Freud’s theory, particularly regarding Jewish issues.

Freud had been criticized ea... continue reading
A building in Pittsburgh was levitated on April 5, 1992. The Polumbo Center hovered majestically over the pavements of Pittsburgh for about three hours. How? The building was raised by the heart and courage of high school state wrestling champions who gathered in a tournament to determine the national champions of t... continue reading
Is Robin Williams Crazy or Just Creative?
Irrational Humor and Insanity

We've all probably had the experience of watching a standup comic and finding ourselves laughing, then feeling slightly uncomfortable, then actually wondering whether the comic is quite possibly...just possibly... a little crazy--bonkers--mashugana.

In our lifetime, it is probably Ro... continue reading
Who Will Take the High Moral Ground? Republicans, Democrats or Neocons?
Remember Jimmy Carter?  He used to be President of the United States.  That was in the late 70s.  He was a nice guy.  Well intentioned.  Wore a sweater during the energy crisis.  Turned off the Christmas lights to save energy.  The USA had the “Misery Index”—the sum of unemployment ra... continue reading
Some of My Best Friends Are Neocons
The term “Neocon”
has been thrown about recently, almost always pejoratively. It usually refers to a non-descript,
secretive group, usually without names, who influence American foreign policy
in general and the Bush Administration, in particular.

Take, for
example, an August 2003 comment by Liberal Dem... continue reading

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