Mucus Lekoslut, attorney at LARGE, weighed over 300 pounds, but claimed to have lost 50 pounds in the last month.

He said he discovered a new, most effective means of losing weight.

When he sees road kill, he stops and consumes it after putting a little barbecue sauce and pepper on it.

He would then get diarrhea lasting 2 weeks, losing about 20 pounds.

He made a CD of his method called "Road Kill--the Key to Weight Loss."

Unfortunately, everyone who bought the CD got food poisoning filed an ass class action suit and Lekoshitz fled the country and is now living on a sheep ranch in Bengaladesh.

There, some Bengaladoosh citizens claimed to have seen Lefkoputz entering the sheep farm and entering a sheep.

He is charged with shtupping an underage sheep as well as a sheep cadaver.

In court, the judge puts down his pork chop and says:
"Mr. Lekfoschtup, jew have been charge with having carnival knowledge of a dead shit ...uh...sheep. How dost thou plea?"
"Not guilty your UnHolyness."
Judge: "OK, let me ask you this hyperthetical qwestion: Would you ever have sex with a sheep?"
"Under no cir cum stances your Hornyness!"
Judge: "You would never have sex with a sheep, adult or under age?"
Lefkodick: "Is he cute?"
Judge: "What?"
Lefkonerd: "I mean, is the sheep very know.....thick wool?"
Judge: "i need to research your response. Let's break for lunch."
Lefkosheiss: "Is there a cafeterial here."
Judge: "Yes, on the 2nd floor."
Lefkocuntphasia: "Do they have lamb chops with barbecue sauce?"