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Son Collects Mother's Pension For Years After Freezing Her
Years after freezing his mother, who apparently died of natural causes, a US man has finally confessed to collecting her pension for years.   Philip Schuth was afraid people would think he had killed her and police have today found what they think to be a human body, frozen in a seated position, in a freezer in Sc... continue reading
I live in Cairns, a small, though developing, and immensely beautiful
tropical city in the north of Queensland, Australia, but which isn’t
noted for its sophisticated shopping. Recently, I had the good fortune
to fly down to Brisbane (affectionately known as Brisvegas) to do some
much needed networking for my new e... continue reading
"Live Long and Prosper"
Researchers at Germany’s most prestigious science institute, The Max Planck Institute, report that advances in medicine, healthier diets and less risk of death from war and accidents suggest that it will soon be reasonable to expect every second child in developed countries to have the chance of living to 130 years old... continue reading
The Beckhams Battle
A High Court judge has ruled in favour of the Beckhams' former nanny, Abbie Gibson, telling the News of the World about the couple’s marriage saying that the story is in the public interest.  David (soccer ace for Real Madrid) and Victoria (previously Posh Spice from her days with pop group the Spice Girls) are no... continue reading
Going Ape
Capuchin monkeys, complete with bulletproof jackets, two way radios and video surveillance cameras, are set to be the next new recruits in an elite SWAT team in Arizona.   The monkeys, after they have been trained to complete simple tasks, are often used to help quadriplegics.  Their small size, light weight ... continue reading
Point Blank Range
If you are unlucky enough to be sentenced to death by execution in Indonesia, the firing squad currently threatening Corby and the Bali Nine won’t be very effective or fast.  In fact, the time lapse between being shot and dying can be three to five minutes.Furthermore, although the marksmen come from an elite para... continue reading


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