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"Live Long and Prosper"

 article about Live Long and Prosper
Researchers at Germany's most prestigious science institute, The Max Planck Institute, report that advances in medicine, healthier diets and less risk of death from war and accidents suggest that it will soon be reasonable to expect every second child in developed countries to have the chance of living to 130 years old.  Apparently, living to the age of 100 is not considered unreasonable today and ages beyond 125 will soon be as realistic says the Institute's expert on ageing, James Vaupel.


It used to be the Swedish who had the longest life expectancy at the average age of 45 back in the 1840's.  Now the Japanese are the masters of longevity with an average age of 85.3 years.  Genetics play a 25 per cent part in determining how long you will live but not surprisingly, diet and exercise are still the most significant key factors, along with medical innovations.





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