Leonie Richman
I love my music, particularly the unsigned phenomenon, and the performance aspect - how a live concert can impact how you perceive a band, currently studying Journalism, Sound Studies and Public Relations at Queensland University of Technology.
Author articles
Lives of the Unsigned - Midnight Syndicate
In the more bizarre form of the underground music scene in Brisbane,
Australia, a band is attracting audiences to a different style night
out. They have some of the funkiest swing and jazz tunes with a hot and
vibrant 3-piece horn section and another four creating havoc across the
stage. Ultimately, this gives way ... continue reading
Lives of the Unsigned - Longjetty
From the depths of rock n roll in Ingham, the not-so-thriving music
centre of Australia, a band has come out to throw a spanner in the
works and show everyone what Wes Day and Tom Robson can do. They are an
energy-crazed and incredibly talented couple making up the name of
Longjetty, with deeply emotional lyrics an... continue reading
Lives of the Unsigned - O Teatro Magico
O Teatro Magico is a gorgeously entertaining Brazilian band that could
romance any hard heart. Their amazing acoustic guitar elements, mixed
with violin, saxophone, guitars, bass, flutes and many other
instruments join together to create a graceful and smooth composition
in a uniquely poetic way.Currently, they are... continue reading
Lives of the Unsigned - Genshen
Genshen are an indie-pop band based in Brisbane, Australia, with a
passion for their alternative early indie music. They mix together
their own quirky blend of cocktails with a shot of their indie
influences such as Stereolab, a big dash of the pop connection and just
a sprinkle of their sonic, electronic sound as ... continue reading
Lives Of The Unsigned
With so many aspiring musicians trying to make it in the already
crowded music industry, its no wonder there are thousands of bands and
artists applying to the Triple J Unearthed program. It is designed to
uncover the rawest and freshest talent.Todays younger
generation is simply filled with potential musicians try... continue reading

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