From the depths of rock n roll in Ingham, the not-so-thriving music
centre of Australia, a band has come out to throw a spanner in the
works and show everyone what Wes Day and Tom Robson can do. They are an
energy-crazed and incredibly talented couple making up the name of
Longjetty, with deeply emotional lyrics and amazingly unique riffs that
could only be summed up as rock n roll. At a rare moment, Tom takes
time out to talk about life, lyrics, and the loves of his life, Brad
and Chad.

These boys have played together literally for years.
Ever since the time when, after they went off to University into the
worlds of Law and IT, they finally got a slap in the face and realised
what they love best making music. So, they have played non-stop in
clubs and pubs up and down the coast for what must've seemed like
almost a lifetime they have developed so quickly.


got together when both were studying on Queenslands Gold Coast years
ago, and they now both have played around the entire world in venues
that are admired and places that are dreamed of. Tom believes that this
experience is extremely important to their careers: The more you can do
something the better you will become. Wes has a certain natural ability
to perform and play instruments, but he still has to work at it. I, on
the other hand, have no natural ability at all! So all the practice I
can get is helping. With the amount of gigs they have lined up, the
boys are certainly getting their practice! [Live performances] are very
important. Its great training for our new music gets our names out
there and its soooo much fun.

Whilst Wes and Tom are focusing on
their writing and style of music, they have to do something about drums
and bass. Everyone, make way for Brad and Chad! They are computerised
sequenced backing tracks, put together using Cubase VST. Tom says that
this alternative is purely because they are focusing on writing and
being in a duo gives them more flexibility to move, change, and earn
more money for recording. I wish Brad and Chad were real. But only if
they could keep time like the Brad and Chad we have now though! I think
nothing compares to real performers. I would trade a computer in a
second The plan is to become a 4 piece soon. Once we have enough
original music under our belts that we are happy with.

Longjetty are facing the major problem all new bands face they are
unsigned. And there is one major reason why Tom wants that contract: I
think I would have a lot more contact with other musicians if we were
in that position. We live in a small town. There are not a lot of musos
around. At the same time, they wouldnt just sign anything that came
their way because money was waved in front of their faces. If I liked
the music we had, and someone wanted to change it, I would definitely
listen to what they had to say, but if it didnt represent what we were
trying to say, we wouldnt do it.

boys dont exactly have a lack of supporters at their performances, some
of them a little more unusual than others, but supporters all the same.
After we had finished a gig a few weeks ago, a couple of guys kept
paying us fifties to keep playing. So we did naturally! Anything for
the fans!

And, on the not so pretty side, I once didn't know
how to play a black Sabbath song that was requested so a biker chick
challenged me to an arm wrestle. Of course she won but not after
holding me there and licking my neck half way through!

In the
end, Longjetty is there for the music. I just wanted to create! There
is nothing better than sitting back after writing a song or even a cool
riff and saying, I just made the up out of thin air!

Tom, you should be proud! Longjetty have done a fantastic job,
particularly in their local town. Every gig they have had has ended up
with another one lined up and that is a fantastic achievement!

you want to know more about the boys, see what gigs they have coming up
or check out anything else, visit or e-mail