In the more bizarre form of the underground music scene in Brisbane,
Australia, a band is attracting audiences to a different style night
out. They have some of the funkiest swing and jazz tunes with a hot and
vibrant 3-piece horn section and another four creating havoc across the
stage. Ultimately, this gives way to some of the most incredibly loud
and energetic sounds you have heard! The big man and lead singer,
Stuart Fisher, relaxes slightly from his ever so dramatic self and
talks about his musical life.

They say that comedians are
failed musicians but Stuart reversed his path slightly. Starting off as
a stand-up comedian, he found his voice could be put to better use. So,
he auditioned into a band that ultimately failed, but some of the
members joined together to create the now Midnight Syndicate.

Syndicate]Its very refreshing to see such a unique and energy-filled
jazz band coming into the Brisbane scene, but recently one of the most
prominent clubs in the heart of the city has been closed down, and
Stuart believes that some people think that Jazz/Swing may have had its
day, but its really on the come back. When [the Brisbane Jazz and Blues
Club] closed it was a pain, not so much for a lack of gig for us, but
for the idea that Brisbane is missing out even though there are some
amazing acts around.

The boys still have plenty of
performances lined up, even though they arent signed up yet. And it
doesnt really seem to bother Stuart that much. I would like to think
people would be interested in signing us because of what we are, not
what they could make us to be, he explains, but we all know that is a
nice little dream I am living.

Theyve decided to focus
their attention on their performances, and they seem to have mastered
it quite well also. As Stuart says, Performance is everything. Playing
is very important, make no mistake, but if you cant connect your
playing with an audience then they may as well stay at home with a CD.
I try to be the sort of person who gives stuff you wouldnt get on just
a recording. Thats why I do the big suits and the jokes to the crowd. I
want to entertain, not just appear. It would actually be impossible to
miss Stuart on stage. He stands out from a crowd and has a fantastic
energy that makes the audience smile and laugh and dance even harder.

not an easy life in a band, though. Six out of the seven members are
students in completely different areas of University: the guitarist,
Andrew, is an electrician, (completely unexpected,); some of them
teach; and Stuart does work with Kids in Creativity and Team building
with a program called Opti-MINDS. So they arent exactly the richest
boys in the entire world, living off minimum support. Hence the reason
why they now practice playing in a spare room where Stuart works.
Cheaper than the cheapest, but it's the only way they can keep on
playing. And it pays off. As Stuart says, I do it because its a way for
me to express myself. I have things I feel I need to say and this,
whether through stand up comedy or singing, is the best way for me now
to do that.

Brisbane has really opened its arms to welcome such differentiating
music, and Stuart definitely believes that we have such a wide range of
it all jazz, funk, rock, hip hop and everything in between. Some
amazing music coming out of this place. And the talent is incredible.
Its great. It is difficult for music that isnt along mainstream lines
to get fully accepted and appreciated, but Midnight Syndicate has a
following that doesnt seem to be slowing. The energy the band releases
into the audience shows just how big they are. No one can come out of
the night without a smile from ear to ear after experiencing these

Midnight Syndicate play regularly at Jazz and Blues
clubs around Brisbane check out their website at or e-mail them on for more details or questions.