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Modern day hippy with a open mind and a bad peticure. What can I say-I live in my own world.
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The Personal Choice of Smoking Marijuana
I Smoke Pot. Whats The Big Deal?

So what? I smoke pot.
Think about it. Out of all the after work activities, there are about a bazillion other things that I could be doing that are worse than getting high. I am a tax paying citizen. I have a full-time job in the mental health field. I attend college full-t... continue reading
Don't Believe the Hype: Pot Smoking is a Personal Choice
It's me, that crazy hippie chick from Alaska, back once again to defend the lives, love, and personal liberties of pot smokers everywhere. I know it's been awhile, but ya'll have to excuse me, being a full time college student, social worker, and women's rights activists takes up a lot of time. Despite the time between... continue reading
Interview with a Visionist
Mathias the Forgotten Disciple Recently I was able to catch up with Mathias and asked him a few questions. Q) Out of all the genres of music—why Hip-Hop?
A) Hip-hop is one of the few genres of music where you can mix other
genres along with it and it still keeps its own identity. Q) What is it that makes you any ... continue reading
Hip Hop for Grown Folks!
Remember Hip-Hop? Remember the music before the bling, before the back-up dancers, before the music got lost in the image. Remember the Hip-Hop that was an instrument of social change? Remember the music that stood at the foundation of expression before playa’s and ho’s took over? Remember the artists that had the worl... continue reading
Mathias the Forgotten Disciple
In order to grow, sometimes people need to be taken out of their
comfort zones. They need to be shaken up a little so they can
understand how other people think and feel. In my music I try to bring
about awareness, and maybe even stimulate a solution, from the minds of
the people who listen, and are in tune with th... continue reading
Female Rage in black and white: YOU CAN'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT
As a society we seem to place a great deal of importance to that defines gender. And despite all that has happened to change the vision of just two genders. The definition still, for the most part, remains female or male. There is no and/or/neither category. American’s are quick to tell everyone that will listen that t... continue reading
LISTEN TO THIS! Waltz for Venus
There are very few bands that interest me from the very first guitar riff. Waltz for Venus was/is just one of those bands. As soon as I put their cd in, crunchy guitars paired with unbelievable harmonies caught my attention. The band's latest cd is titled devastation. celebration. In the pop culturesque world of dance ... continue reading
Vernon Neilly and G-Fire
It is artist like Vernon Neilly that makes being a music reviewer a very cool job.  Vernon and G-Fire combine the lush sounds of silky smooth jazz with the melodic grooves of the islands. You’ve been around for a while—haven't you? Yes I have been around the music business professionally for quite some time n... continue reading
What are your daughters watching?
In the early 20th century young girls were given the role model of Olive Oyl. However, the Olive Oyl that we know today is not the Olive that started out in the 1920’s. The cartoon Popeye started out in the 1920’s as a comic strip that featured Olive herself. It was in the late 1920’s that olive’s skinny boyfriend Ham ... continue reading
Are you gender biased?
"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself." --Harvey Fierstien He expects its women and men to be constricted based on gender and allow themselves to be victims of deplorable behavior that has seemingly been acceptable on some... continue reading
George W. Bush and the deception of America
My personal opinion about our American president and praying for the day when he is no longer.   Smoke Screen                                    ... continue reading
Finding Zen
                                       All week I look out paned glass windows.  A prisoner to cubical shaped hours, endless mazes lea... continue reading
The value of family
In a world where most of us are caught up in our own struggle to be successful we forget to keep in touch with the people who got us where we are, the people who gave us the confidence to conquer the world. But most of all we tend to forget the people who brought us into this world. In America, the 60s idea of sex bef... continue reading
A Generation Lost
Every day the American media blasts reports of pre-teen and teenaged
violence. Papers report grade school kids getting expelled for
threatening their teachers,and teenagers serving life sentences for
drive-by shootings. Yet day after day parents are told disipline by
spanking is considered child abuse and to tell a... continue reading
Modern Southern Racism
It was just after midnight and it was raining. Somehow sitting there, watching the rain through those plate glass windows that surrounded the L-shaped dinning room of the Huddle House, while the rest of the Blairsville slept gave me a very peaceful feeling. The dining room seemed to have a steely glow in comparison to ... continue reading
Where's The Love Frank?
I was disappointed the day Murkowski was elected and I have been disappointed everyday since. I stood helplessly by and watched a candidate who touted the praises of oil development and no taxes to stabilize the Alaskan economy become governor of the place that I call home. I couldnt believe it. Here was a man who stoo... continue reading
We have become a nation of sheep
We have become a nation of docile sheep being led to slaughter with strobe lights on. The average citizen gets to see the truth in blips and phrases until sanity mixes with confusion. Until we have seen so much, we no longer care. We elect politicians who tap dance around issues. They tell us the average citizen doesn... continue reading


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