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A Generation Lost

 article about New lost generation
Every day the American media blasts reports of pre-teen and teenaged
violence. Papers report grade school kids getting expelled for
threatening their teachers,and teenagers serving life sentences for
drive-by shootings. Yet day after day parents are told disipline by
spanking is considered child abuse and to tell a child "no" for any
reason is creating a negative living enviornment. Parents are held at
arms length of child abuse allegations anytime. Yet, we cannot
understand why the parents lose intrest in parenting and the kids
themselves lose intrest in life itself.

Society blames the
kids. We never once look at ourselves to see why these kids are the way
they are. Adult society has contracted the plague of disrespect: a vile
disease that has caused us to lose respect for others, ourselves and
the earth. With every new gadget that is invented, we lose touch with
the natural world that surrounds us.

Unfortunately, we have
infected our children with this same ailment. We teach our children
that it is better to sue than to put much value in anothers word and
reputation. We teach our children that if we have bad childhoods we can
use it as an excuse to have no ambition for the rest of our lives.

Christ People! We have become a nation that would rather see conformity
rather than originality. We are an it-is
all-about-me-screw-everyone-else disposable kind of society. What the
hell happened to us?

Unfortunately, our kids have gotten
caught in the garbage disposal lives of their parents. The parents
blame MTV, video games, and rap music. The same parents never admit
that the reason their children are angry, low in self-esteem and
running the streets at two in the morning is actually their own fault.
It is always somebody elses.

I am a mental health associate. I
work with teenagers. Recently, I have discovered that the world is
truly a fucked up place. We are producing young men who are becoming
sexual predators by the age of fourteen. We are producing young women
who are caught up in the grossly unfair never-ending circle of lack of
education, poor parenting, and poverty. We are producing children that
have been in the system so long that they know how it works better than
the adults who invented it. I help try to repair the devastation that
irresponsible parents leave behind. Parents, who leave their children
homeless and on the street at the tender age of ten Parents who put
their needs over their childrens Parents who always blame other people
for the destruction that their children cause in retaliation of
neglect, abuse, and lack of their own parenting

It is these
same parents that need to be the center of the attention when their
children are trying to turn their lives around. I sit in awe everyday
while I watch parental vampirism. It is as if the parents themselves
would rather play the children against the very people that are trying
to help them, causing the child to resist program after program --
further extending their own story of woe to anyone who will listen. The
same parents seem to feed off of their own childrens misery, as if to
silently say, my life sucked so yours will never be much better.

and red tape keep these kids from ever reaching some sort of peace. But
no one will ever admit it. Medicated teenagers are dropped on treatment
centers doorsteps in the name of conformity to an idea that uniforms
society and overlooks human nature. American society is producing a
generation that is sick of trying live up to any expectation other than

Am I angry? Absolutely!

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