We have become a nation of docile sheep being led to slaughter with strobe lights on. The average citizen gets to see the truth in blips and phrases until sanity mixes with confusion. Until we have seen so much, we no longer care.

We elect politicians who tap dance around issues. They tell us the average citizen doesnt understand the intricate language of congress. Did we not elect them to be the translators? We are told to our faces that there are some things about a war that involves our brothers, sister, mothers, and fathers that we do not need to know. We elect leaders whose main political statement during the Alaskan Gubernatorial debates was "I dont have to answer that." When did we stop listening?

Take, for instance, President George W. Bush. A man who got into office not with the popular vote- but with a better lawyer, more money, and a sibling who governed a key state. A man who has done more damage to the economy, the environment, and blurred the Constitutional separation of church and state more than his last three predecessors combined. When did we stop caring?

Does anybody really know why we are at war with Iraq? Mr. Bush would like us to believe it is because the Iraqi people needed to be liberated from that gruesome monster Sadam. We have liberated these people so much that they want U.S. forces to go home. We bomb their country to hell and back and we cant understand why they keep putting up resistance. Go figure. I have to speculate when President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated that "America would go anywhere, anytime, as long as it was in our best interest" that it would go this far. When did we stop paying attention?

And what about Dick Cheney - when is the last time we actually saw or heard our vice president? Before the war, before we forgot we had a vice president? Perhaps he is like the childrens character in "Wheres Waldo."  If we look hard enough we might find him. Maybe if we look hard enough we will find him in a back room at Halliburton, plotting another forceful takeover of some other oil bearing third world country. When did we stop watching?

Last but not least, theres Frank Murkowski. Mister lets sell-out Alaska until theres nothing left to sell. A man who insulted the entire state by putting out a list of people who might take his place in Congress - then handed the job over to his daughter a week later. Imagine that! Oh yeah, how many of us didnt see that one coming? I bet Frank got a "Youre the best daddy in the world" card for that one. I guess in a way, it was sheer brilliance on his part. Who else would make a better puppet? True to the name of Murkowski, Lisa is attempting some scandalous dealings herself. Berners Bay now stands likely to be clear-cut due to a land swap, a land swap that Ms. Murkowski is taking over the heads of the people. She is taking this issue to the House and Senate - and by doing this she is silencing our voices, ignoring our pleas and selling us out. WE HAVE SAID NO!!! But yet again we are ignored. When did we stop fighting?

Cmon people!  This blatant disrespect is in our faces! Something needs to be done! Who of you are willing to let another election go by as a member of a herd that is fed lies as a daily staple? It is up to us to remind our elected officials why they are in there in the first place. California recently had success in recalling an official who literally thought his job was "in the bag." HE WAS WRONG.

I ask you, is it not time that we start looking in our own backyard for the next person who gets a recall notice?