Brenda Coxe
I have loved to write for as long as I can remember but I have only become interested in publishing within the last six years. Fiction is my genre of choice, but I write whenver an idea comes to mind.
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Ask Cheryl
Here it is, the first of a series of Questions and Answers for Cheryl Wright. Remember, if you have a question for her, email me a and I'll get it off to Cheryl for the next issue. Below are Cheryl's answers to two questions asked by Rich Bowden. 1. What would you suggest is the best way for a Austra... continue reading
Not to be confused with POD (Publish on Demand), vanity and subsidy publishers charge a fee for their services. Unlike traditional publishers, this group of publishers for the most part is no more than a printer, someone who will publish whatever you have to offer just to make money.  They exploit unpublished wri... continue reading
Writing without pay is a touchy subject that has been discussed on numerous mailing lists to which I belong. More than once I have entered into a confrontation over this subject and been told by one author she would question the credibility of a writer who was writing for free. I'd like to address some of the issues... continue reading
Fahrenheit 911: Truth or Rumor
Many articles have been written on this controversial subject from hard-core Republicans who believe its all a bunch of propaganda and half-truths to anti-Bush Democrats who believe every single word it says. Although I do fall into the anti-Bush category, I viewed the film with objectivity, comparing what Michael Moo... continue reading
Weve all heard it and maybe some of you have even said it: If he/she was brought up right, he/she wouldnt have gotten into trouble. Its one of the most stereotypical and inconsistent statements that has ever left anyones lips. After all, when our children were born, did they come with instructions? Of course no... continue reading
MEDICAID REFORM: It's Long Overdue
  Have you ever thought about what would happen to your health care if you should lose your job, either through termination or through a lay-off?  I doubt it, because it's not something we expect.  We always look at our jobs as secure, but in today's economy, that just isn't realistic.  Aside from t... continue reading
Does the Pain Ever Go Away?
On the 16th anniversary of my mother's death, I found myself filled with depression.  Why this year?  Why after all this time was the pain still there?  Most importantly, I asked myself, "Will it ever go away?"   I thought I had survived the pain of the loss.  After all, it had been sixteen yea... continue reading
A Parent's Worst Nightmare
  No parent should have to endure the pain described in this article, but it really happened.  It makes me teary-eyed just to know what these parents must be going through, losing their oldest child in a tragic accident due to a momentary act of foolishness.   Its very difficult and scary ... continue reading
Thoughts on Friendship
Main Entry:  1friend Pronunciation: 'frend Function: noun1 one attached to another by affection or esteem2 a favored companion WHAT IS A FRIEND?Have you ever thought about that? We go through life- day after day, month after month, year after year- and probably never give it a thought. We just take it for granted... continue reading
Whose Responsbility Is it Anyway?
You're both working, but you wonder how to divide the household chores.  On the other hand, he feels there is no need because it isn't his responsibility to take care of the house or the children.  What do you do?  How do you make him understand that not only is it his responsibility, it's his obligatio... continue reading

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