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Here it is, the first of a series of Questions and Answers for Cheryl Wright. Remember, if you have a question for her, email me a and I'll get it off to Cheryl for the next issue. Below are Cheryl's answers to two questions asked by Rich Bowden.

1. What would you suggest is the best way for a Australian-based freelance journalist - specialising in Australian news for an overseas audience - to get published in overseas newspapers/magazines?

Hi Rich,

Writing a regular column for a print magazine boosted my writing career immensely. The fact that the magazine was also in the US helped yet again (and continues to do so.)

Heres what I did:

Through some friends on an egroup strictly for non-fiction writers (as apposed to those for fiction writers), I was introduced to some magazines looking for good writers.

The problem was that they were all regional magazines looking for local writers to write about local events and places. Instead of assuming they wouldnt be interested in me or my work, I contact the editor of one magazine that particularly interested me. I sent her a query email, along with suggestions, for not one, but three subjects that I thought (read as hoped!) might interest her. One of those suggestions was for places of interest in Australia.

I have been writing a regular monthly travel article for them since June 2003.

In addition to that column, Im writing one each month for a subscription site for writers (again in the US). I did exactly the same with that one; I contacted the owner and asked if shed be interested in articles from me.

So dont wait to be asked, dont wait for magazines to advertise or contact you; find a magazine that interests you and go for it! Youve heard the saying if Mohammed cant go to the mountain it works exactly the same for writers. If you want it, just ask. The worst that can happen is that the editor can say no.

2. Are there any Australian writer's groups that you would recommend?

In regard to writing groups for Australian writers, Ive recently joined a group called Australian Writers Online. My understanding is you must be an Australian writer (either published or unpublished) to join. To sign up, go to:

(All members have to be approved by the moderator.)

Good luck with your quest!


Books that she has written

* Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories

* I Wanna Win! - Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer (Learn more)

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