Harry Twohooter
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An open letter to Paypal
Thank you for taking my money.

During the years you've been so kind to me. Every time you allow someone to send me some funds, you are good enough to take 3.4%+ from it before the money actually reaches my account. But I know that's not fair. I guess that's why you need to take some more. Like the 2.5% (or m... continue reading
Rodman molested by a raccoon, as seen on CNN
News these days tend to move fast, some faster than the others, like the price changes in cucumbers, discoveries of penis-shaped churches, people finding god in dog's butts, terrorizing clowns, not to mention a politician who faces two years in prison for calling Zambian president a potato. One of the latest ne... continue reading
Toll in devastating Atlantis attack rises to 5600
While the rest of the world is talking about minor deaths in the Middle-East area (for American people - that's near the country called Europe), The Cheers is today revealing some seriously disturbing information about the recent attack in the long lost Atlantis (which is also located somewhere on the continent called ... continue reading

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