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Slide Your Way To Success: Creative Workspaces for the Easily Amused
The office has long been a dull gray space, devoid of creativity and paneled with a substance scientifically proven to absorb men's souls. Bored office workers often have nothing to do but to sit around, pushing pennies up their bottoms and taking bets on what rate of interest they will earn. Many managers and team lea... continue reading
Creationists Celebrate as The Lord God Privatises Education
Should the state take responsibility for the education of its youth? Should children be taught a broad, well-rounded curriculum? Should children be educated on all areas of both fact and faith, rather than any form of religious bias? Should children be counted as individuals rather than statistics?


Yes to al... continue reading
Winey Vidi Vici – I Came, I Slurped, I Conquered
Most people don’t know this but drinking wine can actually make you more intelligent. Certain chemicals found in grapes are a natural neural stimulant. During the fermenting process these chemicals become active, increasing their potency. This actually allows the drinker to think more clearly, opens his mind to new ide... continue reading
Is Barack Obama in league with the beast?
Conspiracy theories are rife in this new century we live in. In the post-9/11 world it seems that everyone has a theory or has heard suspicious evidence that the U.S government - and even the governments of the world - are not what they appear to be.

Most popular of all is the seemingly all-encompassing theory that... continue reading
Choose Death - for a better quality of life
We have the legal right to push knitting needles into our eyes… so long as the intention is not to die from our injuries.

Choose life. Choose the slow and inevitable aging process. Choose retirement funds, heating allowances and the slim hope of receiving a small state pension. Choose reclining chairs, walk in showe... continue reading

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