Niall Murphy
I am from Ireland, currently travelling through Australia. Living in Brisbane at the moment, but that's likely to change soon. I am very boring though, just ask my friends.
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Armageddon Technology
I remember hearing a story about the evolution of the television, and how it could develop in the next 50 years. When we look at the beginnings of television, from the old black and white box, to the analogue T.V’s of the past 20 years, and of course the flat screen HD/LCD T.V.’s we see now.
In years to come is it not... continue reading
It is somewhat of a tradition in Ireland for those of us fresh out of school or university to broaden our minds by widening our horizons. Indeed, travelling the world isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who want to see as much as we can before we settle down it seems that there is no shortage of adventures to under... continue reading
Woahh Money woe!!
I know a witty commentary about our Christmas spending woes, the world economy and the financial strains that affect us in January is what one would hope to read about in a December article concerning money.

I’ve always been taught to ‘write what you know’ and so I think a self deprecating article about the modern m... continue reading
How drunk will you be this Christmas?
The most emotionally taxing time of year for most people. With many asking, ‘how do I get by another Christmas?’ I have decided to offer you some pointers that may or may not be useful.

People who are prone to bouts of depression are obviously the ones who need the least amount of attention. For these people the bes... continue reading

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