Brianne St. George
Everyone has a story to tell. My name is Lady bree and maybe one day I will tell you mine.
Author articles
Life Has Become a Dream Before Death
Being pulled underneath the darkness of depression is just like drowning in murky water.
I see the glistening lights of the surface. I reach my hand out as if I could touch the heavenly light of serenity then suddenly all my fears and all my tears would just disappear. The light of endless hope slowly disappears as I... continue reading
If depression was a poem


I walk around in darkness
Looking for serenity
Only to find hopelessness
I can only run for so long
It will always follow me
There is nothing I can do
I crawl into a corner of my mind
To hide from the world around me
It does not help
I am surrounded by the darkness
I give in and I am cons... continue reading

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