Being pulled underneath the darkness of depression is just like drowning in murky water.

I see the glistening lights of the surface. I reach my hand out as if I could touch the heavenly light of serenity then suddenly all my fears and all my tears would just disappear. The light of endless hope slowly disappears as I am dragged farther and farther down until there is nothing but darkness. My own sadness and madness have consumed me.

The darkness lifts taking with it the sadness and leaving behind the madness of blood. Bleeding from my crooked, rusted heart where I hide all of my pain now bleeding out in front of me for the entire world to see. My life has become a dream before death I am no longer living just dreaming.

I am dreaming my life away into oblivion and never will I face the reality that I am drowning within my own depression. I would rather live in a dream then confess all of my secrets because when all lies are revealed  there is nothing but the truth. You find yourself with cut wrists and a broken world.