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The Business of Christmas is 100% out of control.
Stores around here started stocking Christmas decorations before Halloween. Radio stations started playing non-stop Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Families spent November mapping out their Thanksgiving evening… which is now filled with shopping rather than quality family time.
When did the business of Christmas ... continue reading
Honey, let's go on vacation and buy a baby!
Celebrity adoption... trend or political statement?

It’s a celebrity trend that’s difficult to ignore. These days it seems that anyone who has ever been in a movie is shopping the world for their newest baby. The trend famously started with Angelina Jolie and her adorable son Maddox, whom she adopted in Cambod... continue reading
Pop Tart: Too Thin?
The Spanish
government found an interesting way to grab headlines during Fashion
Week by instituting a ban on models the government defined as “too
thin” from participating in any runway shows. All participating models met specific requirements for height and weight or they were not employed. After Spain decided t... continue reading
Pop tart: Walk the Runway
It’s a force virtually inescapable if you turn on your television during an afternoon of feeling under the weather. Project Runway. It’s a reality show that’s just ‘usually on’ the Bravo network and it is utterly captivating. Would-be
fashion designers are given the directive to design this week’s
runway-worthy ou... continue reading
CNN = Celebrity News Network?
Our love of celebrity culture has gone too far.

One of CNN’s recent
headlines indicated Brooke Shields has accepted a face-to-face apology
from Tom Cruise for his extremely public criticism of her decision to
use anti-depressants to combat the severe post-partum depression she
experienced after giving birth... continue reading
Cream or Crap? Which pop stars have proven themselves real "talents"?
After pop-music
radio’s mid-90s inundation with *NSync, The Backstreet Boys, 98
degrees, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson, we’re
now back to square one. The boy-bands are gone. The sex-pot-cum-virgin girl singers are gone. The dust has settled. Let’s take a look now at just who remains.

... continue reading
Celebrity Divorce Virus -- Is it Catching?
A flood of divorce announcements have hit the celebrity news wires recently. And
with every announcement comes the analysis, the “why didn’t we see this
coming” or the “it’s taken a long time for them to finally admit this.” Of
course, the couples, who used their happy marriages to promote their
movies and other ... continue reading
Dog the Bounty Hunter

As a television viewer, I’m generally a
network’s worst nightmare. I’m not loyal. I refused to watch shows that
require long time and plot investments. I just want to turn on the TV
and be entertained. The best show for pure entertainment: A&E;s Dog the Bounty Hunter.
The reality show follows Duane “Dog” Chap... continue reading
Pop Tart -Mel's Meltdown isn't Unique

Is Mel Gibson really any
more screwed up than the rest of Hollywood?

You can’t turn on the
news this week without seeing Mel Gibson’s meltdown. In case you’ve been in a
media black out, Mel Gibson was pulled over for drunk driving. He became
combative during his arrest and started making anti-Semitic rants, ... continue reading
Pop tart - Are YOU a part of the interent revolution?
It’s an internet revolution. Everyone on the planet can have an entire web-page to showcase the oddities that make us unique. You can show off your taste in music, movies, videos and books. You can recognize each of your similarly web-connected friends by adding them to your friends list. You can join special inter... continue reading
"Over Connected"
The world has officially become overly connected.
We crossed the line last Tuesday, while I was at a shopping mall.  While enjoying the requisite Chinese food we all get at the mall, I watched children on the carousel. 
That's when the "line breech" became official.
Not one...two m... continue reading
Pop Tart - It’s not the cell phone’s fault. It’s the inconsiderate idiots talking into them.
The world has officially become overly connected.
We crossed the line last Tuesday, while I was at a shopping mall.  While enjoying the requisite Chinese food we all get at the mall, I watched children on the carousel. 
That’s when the “line breech” became official.
Not one… two moms on the carous... continue reading
In which a father brags about his daughter’s double D’s.
There it was, glaring at the world in a small box in the middle of People magazine. "She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!" A vulgar comment at best…until you hear the source. It’s Joe Simpson. He’s talking about his daughter, Jessica Simpson’s breasts. That’s right. A father referrs to his daug... continue reading
Pop Tart - Enjoying life as a nobody
You do not look good in those
long shorts.

Yes, you.

You do not look good in those
long shorts.

I know it’s summer. I know it’s hot. The druids celebrated the solstice with
dances and ceremonies. We go
shopping. It’s time to pick up the
latest trend.

Our winter bodies come out from
hidin... continue reading


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