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The Russian bear has stepped on its neighbors
Russian perspective
Is it really our fault that our country goes from Europe to the Bering Sea? Do you think it’s so easy to live in such a big country? Can you image the costs of moving from one place to the other?

It’s not like we attacked the Georgians, but we simply wanted to have a closer feeling over their s... continue reading
The game in overtime or how to lose a campaign in 1812 minutes
Winter 1812. Napoleon has just entered Warsaw in a sledge and not much else. However, he realizes that PR is important in the current state of affairs, with one army gone and the quick need to build a new one and reassure uncertain allies. He grants an interview for The Cheers in which he talks about how the game seeme... continue reading
Up and About: In My Defense
One of the few fervent supporters of this column (just kidding, I guess there are millions and millions of fans, but they are all timid in expressing their comments and idea) and a person whose opinion I hold quite dearly, has told me last week that my column is turning gloomier and gloomier and that I am exhib... continue reading
Up & About: Meet the Boss
In this number, we will be referring to all sorts of meetings with the bosses and the different types of bosses you are likely to encounter. We are, of course, referring to bosses that are in your possession and that belong to the organization you work in and not bosses that you might meet for interviews, might encount... continue reading
Up & About: The 3Cs in the Office
Once in the office, you can already celebrate having gone through the most difficult part of the day: you woke up (always a challenge and you never know when it will suddenly not happen), you managed to catch the bus and not kill the person that stepped on your brand new polished shoes or the idiot that spilled some co... continue reading
Up & About: Driving to Work. ARE YOU CRAZY??
Going to work by car is probably by far one of the most dangerous and unnatural activities you can engage in at this early hour in the morning. One of the reasons for this is that human hormonal behavior seems to be a mess in the morning: everybody is angry, everybody is impatient and almost everybody h... continue reading
Up & About: The Urban Jungle
If you did manage the entire waking up and getting ready for work process (if you still have doubts on the process, please check out the last week post for this column), you will set off to work in a vehicle of your personal choice. You can choose the bus or subway, you can walk to work or, for the most courageous, you... continue reading
Up & About: Morning Rituals
Mornings seem to have a continuous ritual and you notice this best if you walk to work, along with other moving entities. It all starts with the morning alarm and the time this is stopped, ranging from 3am to 5am, depending on the personality of the individual and whether he is a morning person or not (most of us aren’... continue reading
When Women ruled Earth - the next matriarchate
The election of President Michelle Bachelet in Chile and that of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia revealed to the world the increasing role played at the highest levels by females in politics. But let's face it, this is certainly not news! Given the Chilean example, we remember that the first example of a woman ever p... continue reading

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