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When Women ruled Earth - the next matriarchate

 article about When Women ruled Earth - the next matriarchate
The election of President Michelle Bachelet in Chile and that of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia revealed to the world the increasing role played at the highest levels by females in politics. But let's face it, this is certainly not news! Given the Chilean example, we remember that the first example of a woman ever president also came from this macho-dominated continent: it was Juan Peron's wife (no, not Evita, as we have already learnt from Madonna's performance), Isabel Martinez de Peron, in Argentina, in 1974. Certainly, she was disposed off by one of the countless military hit briefly later, but the example stands.

History counts numerous examples of female head of states or Government that made a mark. The 20th century, despite being ravaged by the same machoism that brought about two world wars and several conflagrations, saw the upheaval of Indira Gandhi (who was probably one of the few non-monarchs to bring about a political dynasty, to the extent to which we expect every Indian Prime Minister now-a-days to be called Gandhi. What is the current Indian Prime Minister's name anyhow?) and Golda Meir (certainly, half of the world population still believes Golda Meir was a man, but she still counts as a lady politician), not to mention Margaret Thatcher, who was probably the only woman to have an entire doctrine named after her (I believe Nixon is still very upset over this). Let's not enter the deepest tunnels of history to discover the Russian Empress, Catherine II, or Elisabeth I, a perfect replica of Judy Dench in 'Shakespeare in Love' movie.

So, what is so singular about women politicians in power in the late 20th and 21st century? I believe there is a single word that would join all women in power in this period: FEMINISM, and certainly not in the revolutionary spirit we generally tend to use it. When Angela Merkel, current German Chancellor, was asked what she would do on the decisive sunday of election day, she answered quite naturally that she would be baking a cake' Baking a cake?! Can anyone actually imagine Baroness Thatcher baking a cake? I could imagine her baking some labour opponent over a small fire, but a cake? Would that be before or after meeting with President Reagan to discuss fighting communism on a global scale? What about Yulia Tymoshenko, still on every normal man's mind and declaring, when questioned, that any real woman would choose to be on a Playboy cover over any other magazine? (no, I am afraid for all men and some women out there that she has not been contacted by Playboy as yet. All TV and radio stations are tuned for any such announcement and future contracts on that Playboy number have already been sold out).

This newly discovered feminism does not turn today's women politicians soft in any way. Yulia's choice of being on Playboy's cover did not stop her from protesting during the Yellow Revolution in the stark Ukrainian
winter, while most of us man certainly chose a nice glass of wine in their own living room, nor from spending a time as Prime Minister in a country where crime and corruption are probably among the mild problems. Let's face it, the world of politics is becoming more and more a women's game. With 2008 US elections already decided upon in terms of the winning sex, at least by the public (polls show Hillary inched a bit forward this week, we expect Condie back in the lead next week), don't be surprised to refer to the French President as Mrs. Jacqueline Chiracque and address the future Russian president as Mrs. Vladia Putinova...It's the world of women and we just may love it.

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