Lauren Walker
I am a freelance writer and publicist, with a specialty area of arts and music. I have managed bands, written scripts - even graced the stage as an actress for a few years in 'amateur' theatre and films.
Author articles
Maybe Tomorrow
"I'd prefer to sit here and absorb my sadness, thanks." That's what I'll say if anyone asks why I'm sitting here in this beautiful park all alone. They might ask if I want to go for a walk. Yes, that's what I'll say, I'll just be honest.
Who am I fooling, they don't see me, I am invisible.
Up on the ... continue reading
Lie in my Bed with Bordello
Perth’s funkiest ex-pats launched their new EP “Lie in my Bed” to their home crowd on Australia Day Eve in a seriously rocking show at the Rosemount Hotel.
Armed with said EP and remarkably fresh from a 35-date tour of the east coast Bordello arrived in Western Australia earlier this month to play a set of reg... continue reading
Moments of madness could lead to death for Aussie Citizens

The death penalty has been banished in Western Australia (and of course the rest of Australia) since the 1960's. The last inmate to be hanged in Western Australia was Eric Edgar Cooke.

Cooke was a serial killer.He had only ever been tried and convicted of one murder but evidence and, strangely enough, his own co... continue reading
Execution? 1st cross on the left

The death penalty has been banished in Australia since
the 1960s. The last inmate hanged in Western Australia was Eric Edgar Cooke.

Cooke was a serial killer.  He
had only ever been tried and convicted of one murder, but evidence - and
strangely enough, his own confessions - lead authorities to beli... continue reading
Movie review: Little Fish
Little Fish, Big Fish…

Rated M 15+
Directed by: Rowan Woods
Written by: Jaqueline Perske

Cast: Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Lisa McCune, Martin Henderson,
Noni Hazelhurst, Dustin Nguyen, Susie Porter

Cate is
a suburban hero, Hugo a fallen hero in this gritty A... continue reading

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