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Life is good! Get out there and live life on the lake or at least take a flight!
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The winds of Mother Nature feed our passion to make ever lasting memories
This article talks about · Riding the open flats in winter · Nature's natural navigation · And forever again! It was about 12:30pm Easter Monday up at Willow Beach, Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. Not much wind, but building to about 15-20km/hr north easterly. It's foggy, so the visibility on the distant shoreline is gon... continue reading
Why Ontario is quickly becoming a world class winter kiting destination
For about 3-4 months every winter, the fresh water lakes around Ontario consistently freeze. This usually happens in parallel with the ski resorts being open. If it's cold enough to make snow then it's cold enough for the lakes to freeze. The wind riding season usually starts mid to late December, sometimes even as ear... continue reading
How extreme is power kiting?
For many people, their first experience to power kiting is usually from a piece of media; photo, video, or brochure. Sometime this can be a real turn off as it may portray an extreme adrenaline sport minded athlete doing incredible jumps, tricks and possibly speed. True those people exist in the sport of power kiting a... continue reading
The growth of a winter wind rider and some common myths dispelled
Growing up in Ontario and attending high school, once or twice a
year we got to go skiing. It was never quite enough to really get the
skill down. It always felt year after year as though you were starting
over again. But what excitement it was. As a child, skiing down those
Ontario hills, they seemed so big. I thi... continue reading
There is no such thing as a bad weather, only bad clothing
For many people new to winter sports, they think it’s going to be
cold. As far as winter kiting the energy you burn is more than enough
to keep you warm but there are still a few things you need to know to
help maintain your comfort. This article is based on
excerpts from papers on winter sports. Sometimes known as... continue reading
A Primer on Winter Wind Riding
For many people that live where lakes freeze and snow covers the
ground, outdoor winter activities are limited to the weekend ice skate
or pilgrimage to the local ski/snowboard or cross-country resort. For a
growing number of winter wind riders the thought of frozen lakes and
snow covered terrain is welcomed with ... continue reading

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