For many people, their first experience to power kiting is usually from a piece of media; photo, video, or brochure. Sometime this can be a real turn off as it may portray an extreme adrenaline sport minded athlete doing incredible jumps, tricks and possibly speed. True those people exist in the sport of power kiting and they've likely been riding for quite some time, but it all has to start somewhere. Of course what would the ads be like if it didn't look like something really exciting?

This talks about

· First glance

· Awakening your soul

· Respect the winds of Mother Nature

· Don't be in a rush

It's really difficult to explain to someone that has never harnessed mother nature in the palm of your hands, what the sensation feels like. Most people that don't know about how much fun the winds of mother nature can be, they simply see it as cold, blustery, and a time for bundling up. But for those who have felt the power of mother nature, something awakens in their soul; something deep down that says the elements are there and I know I can challenge myself, I can reach a level of achievement, I can find serenity and a sense of balance with those uncontrollable forces of nature.

One the other hand if you were lucky enough to see kiting first hand, then it's probably because you saw or knew someone that showed you what was like. This is what you want to strive for. In a safe non-intimidating environment, get some assistance from someone that knows what they're doing. As you extend your essence upward along the kite lines to the nylon wing held by Mother Nature, you'll begin to feel why so many before now look forward to those blustery days. Now bundling up is the cradle that allows you the safety in the wings of Mother Nature.

Just like other sports that deal with the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature like rock climbing, surfing, sailing, or parachuting a certain amount of respect is required. This is something that you should only get from an experienced instructor. They'll teach you all the necessary safety precautions and kiting techniques, that will guide you on a safe path to freedom in the outdoors. The sport has been around long enough that you really don't need to learn and struggle by yourself. Not only could you endanger yourself but other riders and spectators too. Would you jump out of a plane with a parachute without getting some training first? This sport demands the same kind of respect. The wrong kite in the wrong conditions can lead to serious injury or even death.

Once you've got some basic instruction, take things slow. There will always be windier days. If you're not sure about the power of the winds with your equipment, start with the smallest you have and don't go out alone. If you're still not sure, get some advice from someone else locally who rides or check the internet. There are so many news groups, someone will have the answer. You'll find that riders are generally very willing to help others that need assistance.

So now you're out riding with some of your new found enthusiasts. They're wizzing by you and jumping, all sort of things. This takes a lot of practice; sometimes years. But you'll find that your initial start up time to enjoying the sport is probably a lot shorter than you thought. And off season, you'll be able to practice flying the kite in the safety of an unpopulated beach or field. This sport is all about flying the kite. Of course you have to learn how to direct yourself, but many things can be achieved simply through techniques of controlling of the kite. Something a little different about the sport is that you can be out with those so called extreme riders, in the same winds in the same conditions and have your own comfortable safe experience. This is achieved by the simple fact that they are usually on a more powerful kite and have more skills with which to use it. That means that as a family or group of individuals, you can all progress at your own level together at the same time in the same place.

Some people will call it extreme simply because they've never seen the sport before. Over time it will only grow and more people will find out about it. For years I've been trying to figure out why the winter sport hasn't grown more. I think for the people that have found out about it, they are having so much fun, they'd simply rather be riding than promoting.

So, you ask yourself is it really that extreme? The choice is literally in the palm of your hands. After some amount of practice, the next time your friends see you, they might think that you're extreme. That little voice inside your head might like the sound of that. It may even catch you off guard because it just became part of having fun and getting some exercise. Your humbling nature will reply "I'm just having fun flying my kite".