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"Love's Muse"
Dear Craig,
My boss and i used to date, but we ended things on what I thought was a cordial note but... have continued "fooling" around ever since. I am tired of it now, and I want it to stop. What do you think? Can I pull this one off without changing jobs?

Dear B.B.G.

Office romances are a no-no and engaging ... continue reading
Love's Muse
Dear Craig,I'm in a pretty confusing situation and I need your help. There is this guy I was dating for the past two months or so. Well, everything was going cool and I thought things were fine until he gave me a call and said that he wanted some time to himself. I was a bit confused because things were going so well, ... continue reading
Love's Muse
Please send in your Relationship questions to All questions will be answered and featured in the "Love's Muse" segment.Craig... continue reading
Love's Muse
Dear Craig,I have a problem that seems simple but hard to figure out.  I am in a relationship that has fizzled out but I don't want to be the one to call the relationship off, I am waiting for my boyfriend to do it, but it's not happening soon enough.Sincerely,Fizzled Out Dear Fizzled Out,You are currently in... continue reading
Love's Muse
Dear Craig,I cant seem to find someone who I feel is right for me.  I get asked a lot of questions, as to why Im single and I dont even know what to say.  I flirt and would like to be with someone but I keep pulling away, causing me to sometimes settle for less.  What should I do?   Caramel   &... continue reading
"Love's Muse"
Dear Craig,I think that I am in love with someone that I met on the Internet.  He lives in another state and I think about him all the time.  I am so overwhelmed that I want to blurt it out..."I Love You"...Please Help!ANPDear ANP:I think internally we psych ourselves out to think that there are no good men l... continue reading
Love's Muse
Welcome to Loves Muse an advice column on Love, Sex, Relationships and everything else in the middle. This advice column will serve as an outlet for the readers to ask questions that they just cant quite make sense of. I only have one stipulation, if you write to Loves Muse, be prepared to hear honesty from me, I dont ... continue reading

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