James Anyon
Hello, I had written something terrifically surreal about being raised by foxes here, but this isn't the time or the place for it (nor was that funeral in hindsight...) I enjoy comedy as it keeps my mind from my football team,I enjoy watching my football team Sheffield Wednesday(well in a manner of speaking) because it keeps me from becoming too upbeat, and I enjoy writing because it keeps my hands off my penis. Non-smoker preferred.
Author articles
A Losers Guide To Being Single
There is a certain pivotal point in every nerd's life when he realises that any efforts to run with a popular clique are futile, and so instead he settles into a comfortable state of nerdism and all it entails.

Part of this is the realisation that due to our un-aesthetically pleasing faces, and being socially retard... continue reading
Spoof interview with the leader of the BNP
Earlier this month two leading figures of political party the BNP
(British National Party) were granted bail after appearing in court on
racial hatred charges. The right-wing party, led by Nick Griffin, are
little more than a bit player in terms of the election, as their
intolerance and divisive tactics have thankf... continue reading
Raffle Lost
The coffee establishment was practically empty now. Newspaper ink branded my fist as damnable evidence of yet another crossword undone. Finally Alex swept in - naught but a pinstripe blur – and proceeded to slump into the seat opposite to mine.   “Good afternoon, my good sir. How do you find the day?” I ventured. ... continue reading
Sex and the Pity (and a horse…)
"Hi! My name’s Carl Bradshaw and I work as a writer for Manhattan's
favourite glossy men’s magazine! Every Wednesday my friends and I meet
to do lunch at our favourite trendy high street café. We 'catch up' and
chat about all manner of subjects, be it literature (erotic), films
(pornographic) or politics (who’s fuc... continue reading
A Jesus and a Queen and a Hip-Hop Scene
Hip-hop isn't something that springs to mind when most people think of
Britain. In fact to some outsiders it is perhaps puzzling as to how we
manage to stir up the panache to really attack a mic, what with our
preoccupation for tea drinking, stiff-upper-lipped-ness and a yearning
desire for some world class dentist... continue reading
The Sum Of All Fears
The other day whilst observing my two-year old sister running terrified
from a large balloon that was bouncing playfully along the carpet
toward her, it occurred to me that the whole concept of fears and
phobias really is quite bizarre. Are they inherent? Or are
they triggered by something? The thing that tends to ... continue reading

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