Matt Holt (UNV)
I'm a mature age student who likes to write about anything and everything, as I've had a wide range of experiences. I'm set to become an Accountant and Manager, but my heart is in writing of many types. Fun Fact: I once got paid to write 100 'blurbs' for an adult movie site. My work is especially handy for those who want to know more about Australia. Make sure you contact me if you would like to see a particular article or have a comment. See my blog at:
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Light Of The Quasar: What did John Titor know that we don't?
Continuing in my quest to talk about anything remotely interesting, I found (as well as this.

These web sites and the story may be familiar to some web surfers, but I'll explain a little anyway for those who need it. Keep in mind there are many people who believe in this story and many who t... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: A Crash Course on Porn Films
Let me be honest straight-out-the-gate here: I've seen a lot of porn. There
I said I ashamed of that fact? Nope. Here's why. Porn films are
more than just fake boobs, generally bad acting/scripts/production
values, coke habits, erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted
diseases. It's probably one of the... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: Review of Killing Heidi Concert/Decline Of Live Music
Traralgon, Victoria, Australia, a night at the Inferno and I'm
privileged to see what feels like the last of a dying breed - live
musicians with passion for their work. The band is Killing Heidi,
promoting their new single from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, I Am. Is
this the only way a band can get noticed on Austral... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: The Cold Night Air
I said I needed to walk for a while, just to get my head straight. She wanted me to say something, anything. I had no words, very little thoughts either. I needed that fresh air, the quiet, the night of empty streets and a calm mind. I know she was worried when I walked out, I could feel the weight of her concern, just... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: Australian View On The Jakarta Embassy Bombing
When the bombing of the Sari Club occurred on the 12th of October in 2002, many Australians considered it an attack on us since the majority of those killed came from our country and many of our people holiday in Bali due to its affordability and proximity to our nation. Of the two-hundred and two killed, eig... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: Comic Books Are Not Just For Kids!
I've collected and been interested in comic books since I was ten or
eleven years old, maybe even younger. This not only led to me being one
of the best readers at my school, but taught me much about the rest of
the world. I didnt just learn about how the Incredible Hulk would go
nuts and beat the puss out of every... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: Democracy In Australia
  History To The Present             Our democracy, as we know it, has long been tied to the political ideals of other countries. British Colonialism brought democracy to the country, a land where governance was non-existent outside of the native Aboriginal tribes,... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: Providing Choice For Australian High School Graduates
What is an 'Education Precinct' all about? To summarise, it is the
combination of a senior high-school campus with the various learning
organisations that are available to them when they graduate, all
combined at the one location. The primary benefits of this
one-stop-shop approach is to encourage those leaving hig... continue reading
Light Of The Quasar: Loneliness
Gday mate! Uhbloody hell sorry I've always been uncomfortable with
those words as a representation of my country. Sure I use them, but
many Australians will react in one of two ways if that is said to them.
They may laugh it off or go quiet and think youre an idiot. Id probably
react with the former rather than the... continue reading

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