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Ukraine may join to NATO later
These words were declared on the Bucharest Summit, on the 4-th April this year. General Secretary of NATO s Jaap de Hoop Sheffer said that integration of Ukraine to NATO is the question of time. On the December 2008 this question will considered in the next meeting of NATO again.
 Before it the President of ... continue reading
“Long way gas story” in Ukraine to be continued
At last Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers ratified the agreement between “Naftogas Ukraine” and Russian “Gasprom” about gas supply for Ukraine until the end of 2008.
At the same time Ukrainian premier-minister Julia Timoshenko noticed that Ukrainian government is going to continue gas negotiations with “Gasprom”... continue reading
Ukraine has Decree on GM restrictions. But it’s only on paper.
So far there have been no legal restrictions in Ukraine for selling of  products that have  0,9 % of GM substances  in them. But Ukrainian government issued Decree on August 1st  this year about obligatory condition of marking any product with such GM elements. That Dec... continue reading
Customs Loopholes for Ukrainians
Before travelling abroad, you should be equipped with as much information as possible.  This means you should learn the customs regulations for passengers going across the border. Otherwise, your journey can turn into a big problem. Some Ukrainian experts consider that the establ... continue reading
Ukraine is trying to push biodiesel
Head of Ukrainian Agriculture
Ministry Alexander Baranivskiy declared recently that his Ministry promotes new Law allowing
all biodiesel factories to have big privileges in taxes payment. Ministry
officials consider that new legislative rules increase biodiesel production in Ukraine to 1,6
millions per year. Exper... continue reading
Government's keeping control. But without result
Some Ukrainian international non-governmental organisations like “Alliance against AID”, “Life plus” declared these about the
threat to stop medical treatment for people, living with AID/HIV until
2008. So these people will be dying during period since this year to
2008. It was happened because the World Bank has ... continue reading
Those Living with HIV Assert Their Rights
 Five million citizens of Ukraine and eight million Russians could be infected with HIV by 2010 , according to the predictions of epidemiologists. This virus will spread over Ukraine and Russia in disastrous numbers if preventative steps arent taken. The number of infected people will increase dramatically, with ... continue reading
Ukrainian NGOs are Against State Decision
Odessa, Ukraine:A significant quarrel between Ukraines Transport Ministry and ecological , scientific activists was resolved in May. Their differences concerned a ship channel, that Ukrainian transport officials decided to build through the Danube Delta, Kilia Branch, from the Black Sea to the town of Vilcovo. The prop... continue reading


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