These words were declared on the Bucharest Summit, on the 4-th April this year. General Secretary of NATO s Jaap de Hoop Sheffer said that integration of Ukraine to NATO is the question of time. On the December 2008 this question will considered in the next meeting of NATO again.

 Before it the President of  USA G.Bush declared that Ukraine and Georgia are ready to enter the NATO. The same  it was declared by American President during his visit to Kiev, Ukrainian capital, that hold on the 31 March-1 April this year. He underlined that membership of Ukraine in NATO can help the process of security and freedom over the world. And USA will support Ukraine in this very important thing, G.Bush noticed.

At the same time some countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Italy stood against the MAP status of Ukraine that means against the preparation status Ukraine in NATO.

So Head of  France Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Mr. F. Fillon declared that France will not give the green light for the Ukrainian enter to NATO because of Russia position in this question. Also F. Fillon noticed that such enter is not  right answer for the balance of forces between Russia and Europe. France wants to have dialogue with Russia in this field.  

It was noticed by Minister of Holland Foreign Affairs by Mr. M.Pherhahen that Holland doesn't mind against Ukrainian membership to NATO , but Holland considers that invitation of Ukraine to NATO should be delayed  on one year. On his opinion, there are some the other possibilities for collaboration Ukraine with NATO. 

German chancellor A.Merkel said that it is so early for Ukraine and Georgia to think about MAP status in NATO.

At the same time the Minister of Ukrainian Foreign Affairs V.Ogryzko said that at last Ukraine got the clear signal about the enter the NATO.

The Ukrainian President V.Yuschenko declared that the declaration of General Secretary of NATO about later membership of Ukraine is the winning of Ukraine. It responds the moderns challengers of international security and stability, added the Ukrainian President.

Earlier the members of opposition party in Ukrainian Parliament -"Regionals"  -organised the protest meeting in Kiev, and many other cities in Ukraine. The leader of Party Regions V.Yanukovich said that NEUTRAL STATUS of Ukraine responds not only the state interests and also the Ukrainian society interests, and the interests of neighbour countries on the west and east. On his opinion Ukraine must participate in the European security, but with combination of the separate unions and separate states. It must be collaboration, he added, but without military blocks and unions, that can divide Ukraine and European society.

The leader of Ukrainian  Communist Party P.Simonenko underlined that the enter Ukraine to NATO will be done through political blackmail and agreements besides the wish of  Ukrainian citizens. He noticed that USA have secret plan concerning to pushing of Ukraine to NATO.

11 Ukrainian Parties wrote the appeal to NATO not to consider the join the Ukraine to NATO. For a long time the tribune of Ukrainian Parliament was blocked by oppositional Party of Regions because of their discrepancy  with Ukrainian Parliament coalition in this question. Party of Regions demanded to have referendum in Ukraine on NATO membership.

On the 19th of January this year V.Ogryzko handed the General Secretary of NATO the letter with request of Ukrainian state leaders, including V.Yuschenko, J. Timoschenko, leaders of Parliament coalition, to join to NATO. It caused the consideration of this question on the Bucharest Summit in April this year.

The NATO Summit was hold 2-4 April this year, on the Bucharest, Romania. 26 states and members of NATO participated in this Summit. Summit discussed the questions of energy and information security, state in Afganistan, the strengthening of NATO forces, others. 

By the way, Russia stood against the membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO. The current president V.Putin as well as the selected recently Russian president D.Medvedev  declared that Russia will be worried by MAP status of these countries.

These days the big scandal between Russia and Ukraine was happened again. The Russian military General V.Baluevskiy declared on the pages of some media that Russia will prepare the equal answer if  Ukraine join to NATO and it will threat  Russia security.

It is very interesting point of view of Head of Ukrainian representatives of European Commission I.Boug. He said that European Union doesn't have official position about delaying of Ukrainian enter to NATO. "European Union is the European Union, NATO is NATO, that's why I can't comment this question", - he said.