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Hello. I like peas.
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Baa Baa Fluffy Sheep
Last week I was working with children, and after story time I wanted to sing a rhyme with them. I asked if they knew that old nursery rhyme favourite Baa Baa Black Sheep and I got a resounding 'no'. However I was informed they knew of Baa Baa Fluffy Sheep, which turned out to be the exact same nursery rhyme with the wo... continue reading
'...Too Soon': Remembering Matthew
Matthew Jay released his critically-acclaimed album Draw in 2001 at the
age of 21. Although the album had brilliant reviews and was loved by
fans worldwide, it wasn't the huge hit it should have been. Fans waited
eagerly for the second album. Then came the news Matthew had died
falling from a window, and the fans, ... continue reading
The CD is DEAD!
The 40GB iPod can take 10,000 songs. Even the most ardent music lover
will be hard pushed to fill that up. But does this mean the end of your
beloved CDs? Over two years ago the iPod was born. We all
wanted one: hardly any of us could afford one. Parents and bank
managers up and down the land frowned in puzzlement... continue reading
The Rise of Racism?
Last month the BBC went undercover to report on the inner goings-on at the British National party - a party traditionally known for its racist stance. The party claims to have cleaned up its act. But is it really true? At present the partys policies are based upon the wish for immigrants to voluntarily leave the count... continue reading
A New Dawn of Gay?
A few years ago I had wished I had a gay friend. All of my friends were heterosexual. After watching programmes like Sex and the City, Will and Grace and Are You Being Served? I longed for a gay male mate I could go shopping with and who would be brutally honest and tell me my arse actually did look too huge in that sk... continue reading
Review of the 'Big Gay Out' Festival
Finsbury Park, London, Saturday July 3rd 2004
'Big Gay Out' was the Official London Pride event for this year,
organised by Faceparty. After the usual parade through the city centre,
the gates to the Finsbury Park festival opened at one o'clock.
On the main stage, there was a mix of camp retro singers including CeC... continue reading
What's in a Name?
Not one to usually drone on about my personal problems and label it
journalism, this is one problem that affects a large amount of us at
sometime in our lives. Having been with my boyfriend for five years
this month, the idea that I may be with him for life seems to be
becoming ever more evident.

I don't mind... continue reading
Are Degrees Worth the Paper They Are Written On?
As we head into July, thousands of students prepare for their exams that they hope will enable them to attend the university of their choice. Is it really worth it? From my personal experience, only one of my friends has entered a job that required a degree, a year after he graduated. All of my other graduate friends e... continue reading
Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
A unique story that you won't be able to put down.
Simply put, The Curious Incident is an excellent book. It is the story
of a 15-year-old boy called Christopher who lives near Swindon, England
and has Aspergers Syndrome. He's never been past the end of his road
unaccompanied, doesnt understand facial expre... continue reading
Not Even Some Wafer-Thin Ham, Barbara?
  Anyone who has seen The Royle Family will remember this scene. The grandmother of the family repeatedly offers her grandsons new girlfriend a vegetarian wafer-thin ham. The grandmother cant comprehend vegetarianism and seems to think that because the ham is thin it doesnt really count as meat.  &n... continue reading

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